- Triple H strongly endorsed The Shield on his Twitter. When asked which member has impressed him the most so far, The Game replied, "Honestly.... All of them #realdeal"

- ESPN.com has an article about Mattel's new Cody Rhodes action figure, complete with mustache, that will be released in August.

"I did a head scan for Mattel, but I didn't have the mustache back then," said Rhodes. "They'll probably just draw the mustache on. You don't need advanced technology for something so silly, but you never know -- Mattel does some pretty advanced stuff. It's pretty amazing how much the figures really look like us."

The article also noted that Mattel's line of WWE action figures is the top action figure property in the U.S. You can check out the full article here.

- The Rock will be doing another Rock Talk Q&A on Twitter Friday afternoon at 5pm EST. Fans can ask send their questions using hashtag #RockTalk.

- The latest episode of Wrestling INC. Weekly is now up. In the episode, former WWE Executive and President of MLW (@MLW) Court Bauer (@CourtBauer) and myself (@RajGiri_303) discuss if The Rock should continue to wrestle, Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar 3, a UFC heavyweight that almost signed with WWE and we preview UFC 159. You can listen to the show on iTunes by clicking here, or on Stitcher at this link or below:

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