This episode of Impact Wrestling came from the Kovalchick Complex in Indiana, Pennsylvania. The build that led to this show stemmed from Bully Ray boasting about how the Aces and Eights have eradicated every TNA star that tried to stop them, and Hulk Hogan was the only one left.

The beginning of the show gave us more interaction between James Storm, AJ Styles and Bad Influence. Very interesting element presented by Christopher Daniels and Kazarian, suggesting a reunion of Fourtune. Whether if it was just one night, we shall see. However, that would be a good common ground for every one involved in the angle.

Aces and Eights show their dominance at the beginning of the program again by jumping James Storm, and then Joseph Park, who temporarily made the save. It really seems as if we are seeing the return of Abyss unveiling right before our eyes.

The Knockouts match, pitting Taryn Terrell vs. Tara, was decent. I suppose this is a good way to properly build Terrell to be the top Knockout in the near future. However, she has a long way to go.

Rob Terry defeats Jesse Godderz. Blah. If they really want Terry to be a recognizable babyface for the company, he needs to get away from the "bro" involvement as soon as possible. If not, he'll probably reach a booking dead end, which would result in him joining up with Robble E again, and Jesse, to form an irrelevant faction.

Good to see Chris Sabin returning. However, placing him in the match to determine who is going to be in the X Division triple threat is a bad idea. Sabin is one of the pioneers of TNA, and should not be relegated to this new X Division concept. Too bad Alex Shelley isn't still around, because MCMG would have been a great addition to the tag team scene right now.

Hopefully, the feud between Chavo/Hernandez and Roode/Aries has reached its end. Although we've seen many good matches between the two teams, it has been much too many as of late. This shows that TNA is desperate for new teams, so they should start forming some now. D.O.C. and Knux would be a good inclusion to the tag team scene.

Better yet... how about the Aces and Eights monopolizing the title scene at Slammiversary? Bully Ray as world champ, Devon as TV Champ, D.O.C. and Knux as tag champs, and Wes Brisco as X Division champ? This could be their last hoorah before losing everything at Bound for Glory.

The Matt Morgan segment with Hulk Hogan was a bit puzzling. Does this lead to Morgan turning face? Does he go to Aces and Eights due to the Hogan rejection? Who knows. The good thing is, though, as least we are seeing some kind of angle involving Morgan. Hopefully it does not fall flat.

Good Knockouts title match between Velvet Sky and Mickie James. It seems as if the division is reviving, with is a good thing. This is one thing that TNA had an advantage over WWE in their early days, along with the tag team division. They should not deviate away from that. Does Velvet Sky pulling Mickie James's tights indicate a possible heel turn? We shall she if anything comes from that.

The final segment was above average. The interaction between Bully Ray and Hulk Hogan was okay. Hogan semi-"hulking up" was a bit sad, seeing how it looks quite feeble now. I got a bit afraid when he whipped Bully to the ropes, because I actually thought he was going for a big leg. That would have been a disaster, especially after just recently having hip surgery.

Always good to see Sting. The return was well-written, and is reminiscent of why Sting morphed into his crow gimmick in the first place. Rejection from the company, but still dedicating himself to help the right cause. It may just be me, but for some reason I sense a Hogan and Sting tag team against two members of Aces and Eights in the near future. Let's see if that actually manifests.

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