** SPOILERS ** Detailed WWE SmackDown Results For Tonight

** SPOILERS ** Detailed WWE SmackDown Results For Tonight
Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Abe Reeve for sending in these detailed results for tonight's episode of SmackDown, taped last Tuesday at the O2 Arena in London, England:

A preview video is shown, and it documents how the Undertaker will compete in his first match on SmackDown in almost two years, after the events of last night's RAW. It also mentions that Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger will settle the score in a No DQ match.

Within seconds, the show is off to an excellent start, as it is announced that Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger will open the show in a No DQ match. Jack Swagger makes his entrance, and is followed by Ricardo Rodriguez, who is the first to be able to garner a universal crowd reaction as he introduces Alberto Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger in a No DQ match

The match is underway, and a brawl immediately breaks out between the two polarizing superstars. Swagger is the first be knocked down, as Alberto Del Rio capitalizes on the No DQ stipulation early, introducing a Kendo Stick. It proves a regretful decision, as Jack Swagger is the one to capitalize on Del Rio's malevolent intentions. Swagger quickly knocks Del Rio to the canvas with the help of the Kendo Stick, and putting his weight on Del Rio's ankle, connects with the kendo stick to the immobilized ankle, Swagger continues to lay it on Del Rio, as he breaks the Kendo stick right across the abdomen of the former World Champion numerous times. Del Rio however, catches the next shot as Swagger clearly takes a while in preparing it. Del Rio powers up, and is able to keep Jack's Kendo Stick at bay, as he drills Swagger with a super-kick to the upper abdomen. Swagger is sent to the corner, as Del Rio rallies in preparation for an unsuccessful Enziguri. Del Rio is sent flying to the outside. Swagger finds time for some taunting as he turns his back on the resilient Mexican superstar.

Simultaneously, Del Rio rises to his feet as Swagger browses under the apron. Del Rio connects with a kick to the abdomen of Swagger once more. Swagger fires back with a right-hand, but is unsuccessful, as Del Rio tags Swagger, as the duo proceed up the entrance ramp. A head-butt leads to a Suplex from Del Rio, onto the entrance ramp. Del Rio heads back to the ring, entering a ladder into the equation. As the ladder is resting on the apron, Swagger attempts to eliminate Del Rio from behind, but Ricardo's vigilance allows Del Rio to sidestep the onslaught, as Swagger is vaulted into the ladder, with what looked almost reminiscent of a flapjack. Del Rio wards off Zeb Colter, and sends Swagger into the barricade. Swagger repays the favor, but instead sends Del Rio into the ring post. Ricardo keeps Swagger at bay momentarily, hijacking the ladder to the crowd's delight. Once again, a weapon introduced by Del Rio that Swagger lays eyes on.

The distraction allows Del Rio to connect with a dropkick, from the ring, to the floor. A Del Rio chant develops, which is followed by an 'Ole' football chant, as Swagger reverses Del Rio's attempt to send him into the barricade, and instead does the same to Del Rio. After a right-hand or two, Del Rio is brought back into the ring, as Swagger lays eyes on the Kendo Stick yet again. Four shots to the exposed back of Del Rio, lead to a chokehold with the foreign object, as Swagger presses his near twenty stone frame down upon the throat of the former aristocrat.

Del Rio replies with a jawbreaker, as a 'We want Tables' chant develops, Swagger enters into a front face lock, as the crowd rally in Del Rio's favour. Del Rio tags Swagger with a number of shots, as he rebounds off the ropes, only to be met by an academic takedown from Swagger.

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