** SPOILERS ** Detailed WWE SmackDown Results For Tonight

Swagger enters a chair, but is distracted by a peculiar happening in the audience, as Del Rio connects with an Enziguri. Swagger discretely rolls under the bottom rope, and is brought to his feet as Del Rio tags Swagger with an array of shots. The developing 'si' chant is broken by a shot to the leg of Del Rio from Swagger.

The shot floors Del Rio. Swagger connects with an emphatic clothesline, yet is unsuccessful with the following pin attempt.
Swagger obtains the chair from ringside, and suspends it between the top and second rope. Del Rio connects with a double-knee jumping armbreaker, and rallies with his usual flurry of repeated clotheslines, and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Swagger roles to the apron, as Del Rio suspends the 'Real American' between the first and second rope, looking for his usual repeated right, rope backbreaker combo. Ricardo however, offers a Kendo Stick, and Del Rio obliges, as nine shots are hit before a backbreaker, leading to a two-count. The crowd is on it's feet, as Del Rio's cross armbreaker is counted by a throw the corner, which is blocked Del Rio, and repaid with a stinging heel shot to the chin of Swagger. Swagger is laid out, yet Del Rio can only gain a two-count.

Del Rio looks as if he is going for the cross armbreaker, when Swagger counters and rolls into an ankle lock, which is rolled through by Del Rio, and replaced by a cross armbreaker. Swagger is able to exchange his weight and go for a roll-up pin attempt. Del Rio kicks out at two, as he is sent into the still-suspended steel chair. Del Rio once again kicks out, as Swagger suspends a ladder under the bottom rope, Del Rio applies his weight to the opposite end, and knocks Swagger to the floor.

Zeb Colter is caught by Del Rio, as he prepares to utilize the Kendo Stick in Swagger's favor. The distraction allows a fallen Swagger to recuperate, and nail Del Rio with a headshot from the ladder. Swagger attempts to connect with a SwaggerBomb after an unsuccessful pin attempt, yet is met by the two boots of Del Rio. Del Rio applies the cross armbreaker, but Swagger manages to obtain the Kendo Stick, and break free from the hold, connecting with numerous following shots. A ladder shot seals the deal, as Swagger hulks up, in preparation to deliver a successful Gutwrench Powerbomb, followed by a successful pin, and victory, to conclude, an excellent, equally contested twelve minute matchup, beneficial for both combatants.

Winner: Jack Swagger

A Mick Foley: for all Mankind trailer airs, and is followed by a (pre-taped) promo, from the Shield. Dean Ambrose claims that even after what they did last night, they have unfinished business with the Phenom, because they can still feel his aura, in the WWE. Seth Rollins agrees, and he feels the Deadman is still walking, and he doesn't like that. Nor does, Roman Reigns. Dean Ambrose then says that as for Team Hell No - also victims of the Shield's onslaught one night ago - they are not off the hook yet, and they shall endure yet another loss at the hands of the Shield, and they shan't be holding their tag team titles for long, because of the Shield. Dean however doesn't specify which members of the trio shall take from them their titles, if any. Dean does specify, that tonight, the Undertaker issue shall be resolved, as he faces the Deadman one-on-one. The trio conclude their promo, with the help of Roman Reigns' "Believe in the Shield."

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