** SPOILERS ** Detailed WWE SmackDown Results For Tonight

Layla vs. Aksana

The match begins as Aksana drops to her knees, to be met by a butt-shot from Layla. Layla quickly heads up to the top, to be caught by Aksana, who tosses Layla back into the ring, and dominates for a short while, before being caught with a small package by Layla, who picks up a four-minute win.

Winner: Layla

Fandango is up next, as his theme begins the Fandangoing for what must be the fifth time of the night. Justin Gabriel makes his way to the ring, as the lights dim for Fandango's entrance.

Fandango vs. Justin Gabriel

Fandango opts to dance instead of lock-up in the early going, and Gabriel feels obliged to join the craze, yet is met by a right hand or two from Fandango, who controls the pace of the match for a while, before taking the match briefly to the outside. Fandango continues to tee-off against Gabriel, as he intertwines punches, and kicks.Gabriel however shows FFandango how footwork really is in the WWE, as he strikes Fandango numerous times, before connecting with a spinning heel kick to the abdomen, and vaulting over Fandango as he leans forward, before catching Fandango with a spinning heel kick as he turns around. Fandango regains control however, after suffering from a few more kicks, and in what is seemingly no time, puts the daredevil away with his trademark, swinging reverse STO.

Winner: Fandango

Fandango corrects Lilian Garcia on the pronunciation of his name after the match, and toys with the crowd for a while before heading off.

Sheamus' music hits, for the second time of the night, and the Big Show's follows for the first.

Sheamus vs. The Big Show

The two lock-up, and the opening grapple, unsurprisingly, ends in a losing effort for the Irishman Sheamus, as he is swatted to the canvas. Sheamus tries his (fiery) hand (of the Irish) once more, yet is backed into the turnbuckle by the behemoth. A third grapple follows, and just when it looks like Sheamus shall be backed up for the second consecutive time, Sheamus turns the tables on the giant, and sends him into the turnbuckle, before retreating to the centre to taunt the World's Largest Athlete, or poke the proverbial bear as JBL would say. Big Show runs straight into a gut kick fro Sheamus, followed by a number of headshots, and bodyshots from the Celtic Warrior.

One body shot from Big Show however, followed by a head-butt is enough to fell the much smaller Irishman. Big Show follows Sheamus to the ropes, and connects with five chest-slaps. Big Show proceeds to follow Sheamus to the corner of the ring, where Sheamus rallies back, but is sent to the outside whilst being choked by 'Show. Big Show follows Sheamus to the ringside area, teeing off with a body shot or two. Sheamus catches the leviathan on the apron with a shoulder block to the abdomen of the giant, and proceeds to connect with his signature pounds to the chest of 'Show. A clubbing blow to Sheamus however sends him to the canvas, as Big Show casually makes his way back into the ring, via the top rope. Sheamus catches Big Show with his boot, as Show chases Sheamus to the corner, but a running Sheamus is caught with a sidewalk slam, followed by an elbow drop, and a failed pin attempt from Big Show.

The crowd rallies on Sheamus' behalf, but Sheamus' momentum, the crowd's support, and Sheamus' breath are all quelled as Big Show applies his thirty-stone plus frame to Sheamus' neck, as it is suspended on the second rope. A head-butt knocks Sheamus to the canvas, and Big Show brings Sheamus up for a final cut, continuing to work on Sheamus' throat. Sheamus kicks out at two, as he fires back with a brief flurry, before being squashed by 'Show in a attempted scoop slam. Show then walks over Sheamus' lower abdomen, and connects with a headbutt, sending Sheamus to the corner, before driving his 22 5 E boot into the lower abdomen of Sheamus, this time, via a straight gut kick to the downed warrior. Big Show follows up by heading to the outside of the ring, and connecting with a chest slap.

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