** SPOILERS ** Detailed WWE SmackDown Results For Tonight

Sheamus however makes it to his feet, only to be met a by a clubbing clothesline, from the World's Largest Athlete. Big Show connects with a second clothesline. Sheamus however continues to swipe, and club, with everything he's got, clubbing at the abdomen of the giant. Big Show however catches a running Sheamus with a straight back kick to the jaw, choking the Irishman with his boot with the help of the rope. Big Show heads to the second rope, and successfully drops is thirty stone frame onto an apparently unsuspecting Sheamus.

Sheamus is quick to his feet, and rallies with a combination of boots and fists. Sheamus is unsuccessful in his Irish whip attempt, and is instead sent into the ropes by 'Show. Sheamus retaliates with a powerful, straight gut kick, and tees off with a number of right hands. Big Show however catches Sheamus with a body shot, and levels him with a scoop slam, before following up with an Irish whip to the corner. Sheamus however dodges the onslaught of the leviathan, and returns with a shoulder block to the abdomen, but after attempting a second one, is hit with a knee to the skull. Big Show sends Sheamus into the ring post, and to the outside.

A hapless Sheamus is sent flying into the steel steps, yet manages to make the ten-count. Sheamus is sent into the turnbuckle yet again, as 'Show levels Sheamus with a clubbing blow to the black. Big Show applies a nerve-hold to the shoulder of Sheamus, and the crowd rallies, as Sheamus tees off once more, levelling the giant with a DDT, after bring him to his knees with a solid kick. Sheamus makes it to his knees, as does the Big Show, and rallies with repeated axe-handles. Sheamus connects with a corner shoulder block once more, and follows with a huge knee, before connecting with a diving shoulder block. Big Show catches with his catcher's mitt of a right hand, and heads for a chokeslam, Sheamus evades the impact, and connects with a successful White Noise. Sheamus signals for the Brogue Kick, yet Big Show rolls to the outside. Sheamus attempts to control Big Show on the outside, but is met by some clubbing blows, as the giant heads back into the ring on his own terms. Sheamus makes it to the apron, suspecting an attack from Show, and bringing the Leviathan down on the top rope, before heading to the top turnbuckle himself, in preparation for his second diving shoulder block.

Out of nowhere, the WSM appears, and tips the steel steps to distract Sheamus, who is met by a right hook, and successfully pinned by the Giant, as the feud between Sheamus and Mark Henry develops.

Winner: The Big Show

Next up, is an all-English matchup, as William Regal makes his entrance to a huge ovation, however as Barrett vs. Regal chants flood the arena, his ovation is matched, or even defeated by Wade Barrett, who limbers down to the ring in his regular fashion, cutting a promo about how he had never believed the rumors concerning London burial robberies, before he laid eyes on William Regal, who is living proof of such robberies, and shall be sent back to wherever he is meant to be buried, by Barrett, tonight.

Wade Barrett vs. William Regal

The match begins with an all-English lockup, as Barrett backs Regal into the corner to hammer away with right hands. Barrett takes control quite tremendously in the early going, and prepares his patented Bull Hammer elbow, Regal evades, and successfully connects with an Exploder Suplex. Regal is gaining a head of steam, and prepares to nail Barrett with the Knee Trembler, but Barrett evades and connects with a Bolt Hammer elbow, to make short work of Regal, in less than two minutes.

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