** SPOILERS ** Detailed WWE SmackDown Results For Tonight

Winner: Wade Barrett

Randy Orton enters for the second time of the night, and faces SmackDown's second resident monster: Mark Henry.

Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry

A standard match follows, as Randy connects with his usual flurry of shots in the early going. Mark however quickly turns the tables, and dictates the pace for a while, as the match heads to the outside. Mark and Randy brawl, as Mark sends Randy into the ring-post and barricade, before heading back into the ring.

Mark looks to squash Randy, as he is seated in the corner, and is met by a boot to the skull, which allows Randy to rally back. Randy uses a variety of moves to try and keep the big-man down, including, his trademark backbreaker, but to no avail.
Mark quells Randy's momentum, as he prepares for the World's Strongest Splash, but Randy evades and enters his 'altered state'. Randy successfully fells the big man with a clothesline, and quickly sends him to the apron, successfully connecting with his suspended DDT.

Randy prepares for the RKO, pounding the canvas in a bid to awaken the unsuspecting behemoth. Just as Mark rises to his feet, and Randy is poised to deliver the RKO, Sheamus enters the fray, and ends the match with a Brogue Kick to the WSM, in an attempt to gain some sort of retribution, after the events of his match earlier tonight.

Randy appears to be angered by Sheamus' intervention, and confronts the Irishman as to his intention, Sheamus however signals to Mark Henry and Randy turns to deliver an RKO as Sheamus leaves the ring, to allow Randy the spotlight at the end of this near five minute matchup.

Winner: Mark Henry via DQ

What follows, is the evening's main event, as the bells toll for the Undertaker, who eerily makes his way to the ring, as his awe-inspiring entrance graces the O2 Arena for the first time in almost half-a-decade. The Phenom of course, receives an inordinate ovation from the audience.

The Shield's music hits as the Undertaker lies in wait, and the triumvirate make their way to the ring, through the audience, as per usual. Their entrance video graces the titantron, and their logo makes it's presence felt on the minitron. Dean Ambrose enters the ring, after conferring with the Shield, and the match begins as usual.

The Undertaker vs. Dean Ambrose

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns distract the Undertaker in the early going, allowing Ambrose to connect with an early few shots against the Phenom in the turnbuckle. The Undertaker however is quick to retaliate, grabbing Ambrose, sending him flying into the corner, and pounding away with a number of lefts and rights. The Undertaker dictates the pace for a while, before the Shield's involvement allows Ambrose to gain some momentum, connecting with an emphatic DDT. The Undertaker however is quick to recover, as Ambrose blows a gasket following the failed pin attempt.

The Undertaker rallies connecting with a huge clothesline to the corner, following by snake eyes, a big boot, and his signature 'Old School'. The Shield once again allow Ambrose to gain the upper hand however, as Ambrose once again drops the Deadman and is stunned by his kick-out at the six or seven minute mark. Ambrose's lack of focus allows the Undertaker to capitalize and apply his signature Hell's Gate whilst he is grounded. Ambrose can barely survive ten seconds and submits to the Undertaker.

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