** SPOILERS ** Detailed WWE SmackDown Results For Tonight

Winner: The Undertaker via submission

However, almost simultaneously, Rollins and Reigns intervene, and pound away on the Phenom as he lies helpless. Helpless, only temporarily though. The Undertaker rallies back as the brawl takes to the outside, and Taker eliminates Reigns in the upper corner of the ringside setup, between the barricade and ring post. The Deadman then turns his attention to Rollins, who he makes short work of, sending him into the timekeeper's area, and obtaining a steel chair, Ambrose is met with a steel chair shot to the gut, as he tries to intervene.

Rollins uses the barricade to lead down upon the unsuspecting Phenom, but Undertaker is able to intercept, applying the Chokeslam position, before Rollins can capitalize. Reigns, however, capitalizes with a spear, sending the Deadman crashing through the barricade, turning the tables in the Shield's favor. Ambrose avenges his loss with a chairshot or two as the struggling Phenom scratches, and crawls along what is left of the barricade. The Shield reunite, and prepare for a triple Powerbomb, through the announce table.

It connects successfully, as the defiant Deadman is left a beaten, battered, and broken wreck. The Shield stands tall over the Phenom's hapless body, as SmackDown looks to go off the air.

After the televised portion of the show:

The Shield return to the ring, to gloat some more, however their celebration plans are quickly put to an end, as 'Oh, you didn't know?!' enters the arena, and the New Age Outlaws approach the ring, before signalling to the entrance ramp as Triple H's music hits. Triple H rushes to the ring alongside his cohorts, and a brawl ensues. The Game takes Roman Reigns, as Billy Gunn and Road Dogg make short work of Ambrose and Rollins respectively. Rollins takes a Fame-Asser, followed by a Pedigree from The Game.

The Shield retreat into the crowd, and after a few seconds of celebration, the trio help the Undertaker to his feet, and up the entrance ramp, as an excellent evening of electrifying entertainment concludes.

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