Thanks to reader Abe Reeve for sending in these detailed results for tonight's episode of SmackDown, taped last Tuesday at the O2 Arena in London, England:

A preview video is shown, and it documents how the Undertaker will compete in his first match on SmackDown in almost two years, after the events of last night's RAW. It also mentions that Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger will settle the score in a No DQ match.

Within seconds, the show is off to an excellent start, as it is announced that Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger will open the show in a No DQ match. Jack Swagger makes his entrance, and is followed by Ricardo Rodriguez, who is the first to be able to garner a universal crowd reaction as he introduces Alberto Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger in a No DQ match

The match is underway, and a brawl immediately breaks out between the two polarizing superstars. Swagger is the first be knocked down, as Alberto Del Rio capitalizes on the No DQ stipulation early, introducing a Kendo Stick. It proves a regretful decision, as Jack Swagger is the one to capitalize on Del Rio's malevolent intentions. Swagger quickly knocks Del Rio to the canvas with the help of the Kendo Stick, and putting his weight on Del Rio's ankle, connects with the kendo stick to the immobilized ankle, Swagger continues to lay it on Del Rio, as he breaks the Kendo stick right across the abdomen of the former World Champion numerous times. Del Rio however, catches the next shot as Swagger clearly takes a while in preparing it. Del Rio powers up, and is able to keep Jack's Kendo Stick at bay, as he drills Swagger with a super-kick to the upper abdomen. Swagger is sent to the corner, as Del Rio rallies in preparation for an unsuccessful Enziguri. Del Rio is sent flying to the outside. Swagger finds time for some taunting as he turns his back on the resilient Mexican superstar.

Simultaneously, Del Rio rises to his feet as Swagger browses under the apron. Del Rio connects with a kick to the abdomen of Swagger once more. Swagger fires back with a right-hand, but is unsuccessful, as Del Rio tags Swagger, as the duo proceed up the entrance ramp. A head-butt leads to a Suplex from Del Rio, onto the entrance ramp. Del Rio heads back to the ring, entering a ladder into the equation. As the ladder is resting on the apron, Swagger attempts to eliminate Del Rio from behind, but Ricardo's vigilance allows Del Rio to sidestep the onslaught, as Swagger is vaulted into the ladder, with what looked almost reminiscent of a flapjack. Del Rio wards off Zeb Colter, and sends Swagger into the barricade. Swagger repays the favor, but instead sends Del Rio into the ring post. Ricardo keeps Swagger at bay momentarily, hijacking the ladder to the crowd's delight. Once again, a weapon introduced by Del Rio that Swagger lays eyes on.

The distraction allows Del Rio to connect with a dropkick, from the ring, to the floor. A Del Rio chant develops, which is followed by an 'Ole' football chant, as Swagger reverses Del Rio's attempt to send him into the barricade, and instead does the same to Del Rio. After a right-hand or two, Del Rio is brought back into the ring, as Swagger lays eyes on the Kendo Stick yet again. Four shots to the exposed back of Del Rio, lead to a chokehold with the foreign object, as Swagger presses his near twenty stone frame down upon the throat of the former aristocrat.

Del Rio replies with a jawbreaker, as a 'We want Tables' chant develops, Swagger enters into a front face lock, as the crowd rally in Del Rio's favour. Del Rio tags Swagger with a number of shots, as he rebounds off the ropes, only to be met by an academic takedown from Swagger.

Swagger enters a chair, but is distracted by a peculiar happening in the audience, as Del Rio connects with an Enziguri. Swagger discretely rolls under the bottom rope, and is brought to his feet as Del Rio tags Swagger with an array of shots. The developing 'si' chant is broken by a shot to the leg of Del Rio from Swagger.

The shot floors Del Rio. Swagger connects with an emphatic clothesline, yet is unsuccessful with the following pin attempt.
Swagger obtains the chair from ringside, and suspends it between the top and second rope. Del Rio connects with a double-knee jumping armbreaker, and rallies with his usual flurry of repeated clotheslines, and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Swagger roles to the apron, as Del Rio suspends the 'Real American' between the first and second rope, looking for his usual repeated right, rope backbreaker combo. Ricardo however, offers a Kendo Stick, and Del Rio obliges, as nine shots are hit before a backbreaker, leading to a two-count. The crowd is on it's feet, as Del Rio's cross armbreaker is counted by a throw the corner, which is blocked Del Rio, and repaid with a Stinging heel shot to the chin of Swagger. Swagger is laid out, yet Del Rio can only gain a two-count.

Del Rio looks as if he is going for the cross armbreaker, when Swagger counters and rolls into an ankle lock, which is rolled through by Del Rio, and replaced by a cross armbreaker. Swagger is able to exchange his weight and go for a roll-up pin attempt. Del Rio kicks out at two, as he is sent into the still-suspended steel chair. Del Rio once again kicks out, as Swagger suspends a ladder under the bottom rope, Del Rio applies his weight to the opposite end, and knocks Swagger to the floor.

Zeb Colter is caught by Del Rio, as he prepares to utilize the Kendo Stick in Swagger's favor. The distraction allows a fallen Swagger to recuperate, and nail Del Rio with a headshot from the ladder. Swagger attempts to connect with a SwaggerBomb after an unsuccessful pin attempt, yet is met by the two boots of Del Rio. Del Rio applies the cross armbreaker, but Swagger manages to obtain the Kendo Stick, and break free from the hold, connecting with numerous following shots. A ladder shot seals the deal, as Swagger hulks up, in preparation to deliver a successful Gutwrench Powerbomb, followed by a successful pin, and victory, to conclude, an excellent, equally contested twelve minute matchup, beneficial for both combatants.

Winner: Jack Swagger

A Mick Foley: for all Mankind trailer airs, and is followed by a (pre-taped) promo, from the Shield. Dean Ambrose claims that even after what they did last night, they have unfinished business with the Phenom, because they can still feel his aura, in the WWE. Seth Rollins agrees, and he feels the Deadman is still walking, and he doesn't like that. Nor does, Roman Reigns. Dean Ambrose then says that as for Team Hell No - also victims of the Shield's onslaught one night ago - they are not off the hook yet, and they shall endure yet another loss at the hands of the Shield, and they shan't be holding their tag team titles for long, because of the Shield. Dean however doesn't specify which members of the trio shall take from them their titles, if any. Dean does specify, that tonight, the Undertaker issue shall be resolved, as he faces the Deadman one-on-one. The trio conclude their promo, with the help of Roman Reigns' "Believe in the Shield."

Layla vs. Aksana

The match begins as Aksana drops to her knees, to be met by a butt-shot from Layla. Layla quickly heads up to the top, to be caught by Aksana, who tosses Layla back into the ring, and dominates for a short while, before being caught with a small package by Layla, who picks up a four-minute win.

Winner: Layla

Fandango is up next, as his theme begins the Fandangoing for what must be the fifth time of the night. Justin Gabriel makes his way to the ring, as the lights dim for Fandango's entrance.

Fandango vs. Justin Gabriel

Fandango opts to dance instead of lock-up in the early going, and Gabriel feels obliged to join the craze, yet is met by a right hand or two from Fandango, who controls the pace of the match for a while, before taking the match briefly to the outside. Fandango continues to tee-off against Gabriel, as he intertwines punches, and kicks.Gabriel however shows FFandango how footwork really is in the WWE, as he strikes Fandango numerous times, before connecting with a spinning heel kick to the abdomen, and vaulting over Fandango as he leans forward, before catching Fandango with a spinning heel kick as he turns around. Fandango regains control however, after suffering from a few more kicks, and in what is seemingly no time, puts the daredevil away with his trademark, swinging reverse STO.

Winner: Fandango

Fandango corrects Lilian Garcia on the pronunciation of his name after the match, and toys with the crowd for a while before heading off.

Sheamus' music hits, for the second time of the night, and the Big Show's follows for the first.

Sheamus vs. The Big Show

The two lock-up, and the opening grapple, unsurprisingly, ends in a losing effort for the Irishman Sheamus, as he is swatted to the canvas. Sheamus tries his (fiery) hand (of the Irish) once more, yet is backed into the turnbuckle by the behemoth. A third grapple follows, and just when it looks like Sheamus shall be backed up for the second consecutive time, Sheamus turns the tables on the giant, and sends him into the turnbuckle, before retreating to the centre to taunt the World's Largest Athlete, or poke the proverbial bear as JBL would say. Big Show runs straight into a gut kick fro Sheamus, followed by a number of headshots, and bodyshots from the Celtic Warrior.

One body shot from Big Show however, followed by a head-butt is enough to fell the much smaller Irishman. Big Show follows Sheamus to the ropes, and connects with five chest-slaps. Big Show proceeds to follow Sheamus to the corner of the ring, where Sheamus rallies back, but is sent to the outside whilst being choked by 'Show. Big Show follows Sheamus to the ringside area, teeing off with a body shot or two. Sheamus catches the leviathan on the apron with a shoulder block to the abdomen of the giant, and proceeds to connect with his signature pounds to the chest of 'Show. A clubbing blow to Sheamus however sends him to the canvas, as Big Show casually makes his way back into the ring, via the top rope. Sheamus catches Big Show with his boot, as Show chases Sheamus to the corner, but a running Sheamus is caught with a sidewalk slam, followed by an elbow drop, and a failed pin attempt from Big Show.

The crowd rallies on Sheamus' behalf, but Sheamus' momentum, the crowd's support, and Sheamus' breath are all quelled as Big Show applies his thirty-stone plus frame to Sheamus' neck, as it is suspended on the second rope. A head-butt knocks Sheamus to the canvas, and Big Show brings Sheamus up for a final cut, continuing to work on Sheamus' throat. Sheamus kicks out at two, as he fires back with a brief flurry, before being squashed by 'Show in a attempted scoop slam. Show then walks over Sheamus' lower abdomen, and connects with a headbutt, sending Sheamus to the corner, before driving his 22 5 E boot into the lower abdomen of Sheamus, this time, via a straight gut kick to the downed warrior. Big Show follows up by heading to the outside of the ring, and connecting with a chest slap.

Sheamus however makes it to his feet, only to be met a by a clubbing clothesline, from the World's Largest Athlete. Big Show connects with a second clothesline. Sheamus however continues to swipe, and club, with everything he's got, clubbing at the abdomen of the giant. Big Show however catches a running Sheamus with a straight back kick to the jaw, choking the Irishman with his boot with the help of the rope. Big Show heads to the second rope, and successfully drops is thirty stone frame onto an apparently unsuspecting Sheamus.

Sheamus is quick to his feet, and rallies with a combination of boots and fists. Sheamus is unsuccessful in his Irish whip attempt, and is instead sent into the ropes by 'Show. Sheamus retaliates with a powerful, straight gut kick, and tees off with a number of right hands. Big Show however catches Sheamus with a body shot, and levels him with a scoop slam, before following up with an Irish whip to the corner. Sheamus however dodges the onslaught of the leviathan, and returns with a shoulder block to the abdomen, but after attempting a second one, is hit with a knee to the skull. Big Show sends Sheamus into the ring post, and to the outside.

A hapless Sheamus is sent flying into the steel steps, yet manages to make the ten-count. Sheamus is sent into the turnbuckle yet again, as 'Show levels Sheamus with a clubbing blow to the black. Big Show applies a nerve-hold to the shoulder of Sheamus, and the crowd rallies, as Sheamus tees off once more, levelling the giant with a DDT, after bring him to his knees with a solid kick. Sheamus makes it to his knees, as does the Big Show, and rallies with repeated axe-handles. Sheamus connects with a corner shoulder block once more, and follows with a huge knee, before connecting with a diving shoulder block. Big Show catches with his catcher's mitt of a right hand, and heads for a chokeslam, Sheamus evades the impact, and connects with a successful White Noise. Sheamus signals for the Brogue Kick, yet Big Show rolls to the outside. Sheamus attempts to control Big Show on the outside, but is met by some clubbing blows, as the giant heads back into the ring on his own terms. Sheamus makes it to the apron, suspecting an attack from Show, and bringing the Leviathan down on the top rope, before heading to the top turnbuckle himself, in preparation for his second diving shoulder block.

Out of nowhere, the WSM appears, and tips the steel steps to distract Sheamus, who is met by a right hook, and successfully pinned by the Giant, as the feud between Sheamus and Mark Henry develops.

Winner: The Big Show

Next up, is an all-English matchup, as William Regal makes his entrance to a huge ovation, however as Barrett vs. Regal chants flood the arena, his ovation is matched, or even defeated by Wade Barrett, who limbers down to the ring in his regular fashion, cutting a promo about how he had never believed the rumors concerning London burial robberies, before he laid eyes on William Regal, who is living proof of such robberies, and shall be sent back to wherever he is meant to be buried, by Barrett, tonight.

Wade Barrett vs. William Regal

The match begins with an all-English lockup, as Barrett backs Regal into the corner to hammer away with right hands. Barrett takes control quite tremendously in the early going, and prepares his patented Bull Hammer elbow, Regal evades, and successfully connects with an Exploder Suplex. Regal is gaining a head of steam, and prepares to nail Barrett with the Knee Trembler, but Barrett evades and connects with a Bolt Hammer elbow, to make short work of Regal, in less than two minutes.

Winner: Wade Barrett

Randy Orton enters for the second time of the night, and faces SmackDown's second resident monster: Mark Henry.

Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry

A standard match follows, as Randy connects with his usual flurry of shots in the early going. Mark however quickly turns the tables, and dictates the pace for a while, as the match heads to the outside. Mark and Randy brawl, as Mark sends Randy into the ring-post and barricade, before heading back into the ring.

Mark looks to squash Randy, as he is seated in the corner, and is met by a boot to the skull, which allows Randy to rally back. Randy uses a variety of moves to try and keep the big-man down, including, his trademark backbreaker, but to no avail.
Mark quells Randy's momentum, as he prepares for the World's Strongest Splash, but Randy evades and enters his 'altered state'. Randy successfully fells the big man with a clothesline, and quickly sends him to the apron, successfully connecting with his suspended DDT.

Randy prepares for the RKO, pounding the canvas in a bid to awaken the unsuspecting behemoth. Just as Mark rises to his feet, and Randy is poised to deliver the RKO, Sheamus enters the fray, and ends the match with a Brogue Kick to the WSM, in an attempt to gain some sort of retribution, after the events of his match earlier tonight.

Randy appears to be angered by Sheamus' intervention, and confronts the Irishman as to his intention, Sheamus however signals to Mark Henry and Randy turns to deliver an RKO as Sheamus leaves the ring, to allow Randy the spotlight at the end of this near five minute matchup.

Winner: Mark Henry via DQ

What follows, is the evening's main event, as the bells toll for the Undertaker, who eerily makes his way to the ring, as his awe-inspiring entrance graces the O2 Arena for the first time in almost half-a-decade. The Phenom of course, receives an inordinate ovation from the audience.

The Shield's music hits as the Undertaker lies in wait, and the triumvirate make their way to the ring, through the audience, as per usual. Their entrance video graces the titantron, and their logo makes it's presence felt on the minitron. Dean Ambrose enters the ring, after conferring with the Shield, and the match begins as usual.

The Undertaker vs. Dean Ambrose

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns distract the Undertaker in the early going, allowing Ambrose to connect with an early few shots against the Phenom in the turnbuckle. The Undertaker however is quick to retaliate, grabbing Ambrose, sending him flying into the corner, and pounding away with a number of lefts and rights. The Undertaker dictates the pace for a while, before the Shield's involvement allows Ambrose to gain some momentum, connecting with an emphatic DDT. The Undertaker however is quick to recover, as Ambrose blows a gasket following the failed pin attempt.

The Undertaker rallies connecting with a huge clothesline to the corner, following by snake eyes, a big boot, and his signature 'Old School'. The Shield once again allow Ambrose to gain the upper hand however, as Ambrose once again drops the Deadman and is stunned by his kick-out at the six or seven minute mark. Ambrose's lack of focus allows the Undertaker to capitalize and apply his signature Hell's Gate whilst he is grounded. Ambrose can barely survive ten seconds and submits to the Undertaker.

Winner: The Undertaker via submission

However, almost simultaneously, Rollins and Reigns intervene, and pound away on the Phenom as he lies helpless. Helpless, only temporarily though. The Undertaker rallies back as the brawl takes to the outside, and Taker eliminates Reigns in the upper corner of the ringside setup, between the barricade and ring post. The Deadman then turns his attention to Rollins, who he makes short work of, sending him into the timekeeper's area, and obtaining a steel chair, Ambrose is met with a steel chair shot to the gut, as he tries to intervene.

Rollins uses the barricade to lead down upon the unsuspecting Phenom, but Undertaker is able to intercept, applying the Chokeslam position, before Rollins can capitalize. Reigns, however, capitalizes with a spear, sending the Deadman crashing through the barricade, turning the tables in the Shield's favor. Ambrose avenges his loss with a chairshot or two as the struggling Phenom scratches, and crawls along what is left of the barricade. The Shield reunite, and prepare for a triple Powerbomb, through the announce table.

It connects successfully, as the defiant Deadman is left a beaten, battered, and broken wreck. The Shield stands tall over the Phenom's hapless body, as SmackDown looks to go off the air.

After the televised portion of the show:

The Shield return to the ring, to gloat some more, however their celebration plans are quickly put to an end, as 'Oh, you didn't know?!' enters the arena, and the New Age Outlaws approach the ring, before signalling to the entrance ramp as Triple H's music hits. Triple H rushes to the ring alongside his cohorts, and a brawl ensues. The Game takes Roman Reigns, as Billy Gunn and Road Dogg make short work of Ambrose and Rollins respectively. Rollins takes a Fame-Asser, followed by a Pedigree from The Game.

The Shield retreat into the crowd, and after a few seconds of celebration, the trio help the Undertaker to his feet, and up the entrance ramp, as an excellent evening of electrifying entertainment concludes.

Thank you for reading the article everybody.

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