Source: JR's BBQ

Jim Ross posted his latest blog at Here are some highlights:

Undertaker wrestling Dean Ambrose on tonight's SmackDown: "Looking forward to watching Friday Night Smackdown tonight as the Undertaker takes on the Shield's Dean Ambrose. I don't expect to see Taker on TV that much at all in the future but what an opportunity for Ambrose and his teammates to shine with a future Hall of Famer."

Kane turning 46 years old: "Happy 46th birthday today to Kane who is one of the greatest superstars to ever appear in a WWE ring. The consummate pro who is one of the most intelligent athletes that I've ever known and is a model talent and a future WWE HOFer without question. He's a locker room leader, a voice of reason to many young, immature talents, is one of the greatest big men ever and an overall class act. I saw him for the first time while doing some commentary for Jim Cornette's Smoky Mountain Wrestling when Kane was wrestling under a mask and was known as 'Unabomber.' It did not take long for me to get him a tryout and then to sign him to a WWE contract where he has been ever since. I can't see Kane being any where but in WWE and if I had a vote I'd want the big man to mentor as many young NXT talents as is possible. I have great respect for the former college athlete who has his degree even though he "BBQ'ed" me back in the day. I healed...for the record."

Much more is contained in Ross' latest blog, including his thoughts on UFC 159, the Ryback - Mick Foley segment on RAW, the most underrated wrestler on the roster and much more. You can check out the full entry by clicking here.

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