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- SmackDown kicks-off with a video package hyping Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio in a No DQ match. Also, The Undertaker returns for the first time in 3 years to face Dean Ambrose.

- We go right to crowd shots from London, England.

- Lilian Garcia introduces Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter and it seems the No DQ match will start us off. Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Del Rio.

No Disqualification Match: Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger

They go right at it with trading shots in the center of the ring. Swagger gets clotheslined to the floor and Del Rio dives through the ropes onto him. Del Rio grabs a kendo stick from under the ring but Swagger takes it in the ring and starts to beat Del Rio with it. Del Rio catches the stick and gets up to land a kick to Swagger's gut. The action spills to the floor.

Swagger goes to grab a ladder from under the ring but Del Rio kicks him and they brawl to the ramp. Del Rio hits a suplex on the steel as Swagger writhes in pain. Del Rio goes back to ringside and grabs the ladder. Swagger charges and Del Rio uses Swagger's own momentum to send him right into the ladder. We go to break.

We're back to action in the ring as Swagger has the advantage. We see that Swagger took over with the kendo stick during the break. Swagger slams Del Rio and gets 2. Swagger goes out and retrieves a chair. Del Rio hits him with an Enzuigiri on the apron from inside the ring but Swagger retains offense and gets another near-fall.

Swagger sets up a chair in the corner but Del Rio starts to build momentum and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Ricardo throws Del Rio the kendo stick and he begins to beat Swagger in the back as he is tied up in the ropes. Del Rio makes a cover for 2. Del Rio calls for his finisher but Swagger counters and sends Del Rio into the chair; Del Rio stops short and hits a superkick for 2. Swagger gets the Patriot Lock on but Del Rio counters into the armbreaker but Swagger gets out and sends Del Rio into the chair he set up in the corner earlier and gets 2.

Swagger goes to the floor to retrieve a ladder but Del Rio shoves it in his face from inside the ring and leaves his lip busted and bloody. Zeb distracts Del Rio on the floor and Swagger hits Del Rio with a ladder from behind. Swagger gets 2 in the ring. Del Rio gets his knees up in the corner and applies the armbreaker. Zeb hands Swagger the stick and it allows Swagger to escape.

Swagger roars in the ring as he drops the ladder on hard onto Del Rio's body. Swagger hits a gut-wrench powerbomb for the pin.

Winner by pin: Jack Swagger

Ricardo checks on Del Rio at ringside as Zeb and Swagger puts their hands over their hearts on the apron.

- Sheamus faces Big Show and Randy Orton faces Mark Henry, tonight.

- Back from a break to a shot of Buckingham Palace.

- Aksana is in the ring as Layla is introduced.

Layla vs. Aksana

The two lovely ladies lock up and go back and forth. Layla kicks Aksana to the floor and schools her in the ring with two near-falls. Aksana gets the upper-hand, so to speak, as she stomps on Layla's hand. Aksana continues to work Layla's left arm. The fans in the front row are "Fandangoing." Layla rolls Aksana up for the abrupt win.

Winner by pin: Layla

- Cole sends to a video package for a new show called Total Divas on E!. It features the Bella Twins.

- Back from a break as Cole sends to the final minutes of the Shield - Undertaker match on RAW.

- We go to a handheld promo from The Shield. They say they broke the unbreakable and it is an injustice that The Undertaker left RAW with his soul intact. Ambrose says they did what they said but The Undertaker is still walking so the job is not done. He says he will beat him tonight. They drop the camera and walk away.

- We go to the ring for the entrance of Fandango. Fans are shown dancing in the crowd.

Fandango vs. Justin Gabriel

Back from a break as Gabriel is already in the ring. Fandango goes to work with a knee to the temple but Gabriel uses his quickness to take Fandango over in an armdrag. Fandango goes out to regroup. Gabriel hits another armdrag in the ring as the fans start to "Fandango." Fandango gets the advantage but Gabriel keeps trying to speed things up. Gabriel hits a flying knee in the corner. Gabriel comes off the top but Fandango catches him in the gut with a knee. Fandango hits his top rope legdrop for the win.

Winner by pin: Faaaandaaangoooo

Fandango corrects his name in the ring as the crowd plays along.

- We're back from a commercial as Sheamus makes his entrance.

The Big Show vs. Sheamus

They lock up and Show throws Sheamus back on his butt. They lock up again and Sheamus uses Show's momentum to back him up in the corner. Show unloads with chops to Sheamus' chest. Show powers Sheamus over the top and stalks him on the floor. Show sends him back in but Sheamus gets the first man in advantage and hits his forearm spot in the ropes.

Show recovers with a side slam and drop an elbow to Sheamus' chest for 2. Show slows the pace and he hits the Final Cut for 2. Sheamus tries to slam Show but Show falls on him for 2. Show continues with slow motion offense as we go to commercial.

Show is still in control as we return. He sends Sheamus shoulder-first into the post and Sheamus falls to the floor. Show goes out and sends him into the steel steps and Sheamus makes it back in by the count of 8. The fans entertain themselves with "Fandangoing." Sheamus hits a DDT to create some space and they trade shots on their knees.

Sheamus builds a flurry as he bounces off the ropes. Sheamus hits a battering ram from up top and hits White Noise as the crowd comes alive. Sheamus pounds his chest but Show ducks out of the ring of the Brogue Kick. They mix it up on the floor and Show goes back in. Sheamus goes up top but Mark Henry shows up and distracts Sheamus by moving the steel steps behind him. Show hits the KO to Sheamus for the win.

Winner by pin: The Big Show

Sheamus comes-to in the ring as he sells the KO.

- William Regal makes his entrance on the other side of a break. Wade Barrett makes his way to the ring while cutting a promo. He says there is a body missing form a crypt in London and it is in the ring.

William Regal vs. Wade Barrett

Regal starts off strong with a whole lot of pis* and vinegar. Barrett misses with the Bull Hammer and Regal throws/slams him. Barrett side-steps Regal and hits the Bull Hammer for the sudden and quick win.

Winner by pin: Wade Barrett

- Cole, JBL, and Josh send to footage of Triple H and Paul Heyman from RAW.

- Randy Orton's music hits and he makes his entrance to the ring. We're back from a break as Orton just now poses in the corner. Mark Henry's ominous music plays and he makes his entrance.

Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry

Henry rams Orton in the corner and goes right for the WSS but Orton lands on his feet and hits shots to Henry's face. The action spills to the floor and they mix it up at ringside. Henry tries to send Orton into the steel post but Orton reverses and sends Henry in.

Back in the ring, Orton stomps Henry on the mat. Orton plays to the crowd and Henry capitalizes with a clothesline and shoulders in the corner. Orton fights back out of the corner and finally is able to take Henry off his feet. Orton plants Henry with a DDT and rolls him over for 2. Orton hits his ropes-DDT and coils-up as the crowd goes nuts. Henry rolls out of the ring. Henry gets the advantage on the floor and sends Orton back in. Sheamus shows up and hits Henry with the Brogue Kick as the bell rings. Orton hits the RKO to Henry.

Winner by disqualification: Mark Henry

Orton poses in the corner as Sheamus smiles at Henry walking up the ramp.

- Our announcers discuss things and Cole sends to a trailer for WWE Studios' No One Lives.

- The RAW Rebound is shown of Mick Foley - Ryback.

- The gong sounds as the lights go out in the arena and the crowd comes alive for the entrance of the Dead Man.

We return to the show as The Shield makes their usual entrance through the crowd.

The Undertaker vs. Dean Ambrose

Yours truly is about to mark-out. Ambrose and Taker circle each other as Reigns and Rollins take turns scaling the apron. Ambrose strikes Taker into the corner but Taker reverses and unloads on Ambrose in the corner. Taker throws Ambrose over the top and follows behind as he rams Ambrose into the security wall. The Shield looks on and Taker drops a leg across Ambrose' neck on the apron. Dean moves in the corner as Taker charges with a kick. Taker falls to the floor and Dean unloads on him.

Dean Ambrose sends Taker back in and takes full control with strikes and kicks. Ambrose hits a running dropkick for 2. Ambrose hits a swinging neckbreaker for 2. Ambrose measures Taker on the mat for more shots and mocks the thumb across the throat gesture that signals the end in Taker's matches but Taker grabs his throat from the mat and gets back to his feet. They trade shots as the crowd boos/cheers back and forth.

Taker hits a chokeslam but Rollins and Reigns get on the apron and Ambrose hits a low-blow and a DDT but Taker kicks out. The Undertaker applies Hell's Gate and Ambrose quickly taps. Rollins and Reigns immediately attack Taker in the ring. They go to the floor and Taker tosses Reigns and Rollins around ringside. Taker hits Dean in the gut with a chair and goes to chokeslam Rollins off the security wall but Reigns spears Taker through the barricade. Ambrose hits Taker with the chair and talks trash as the crowd chants that Ambrose tapped out.

Reigns roars as they set up Taker for the triple powerbomb through the announce table. Rollins screams now as the trio touch fists in solidarity. They stand over Taker's body as Rollins screams that they are the new guard and the hounds of justice as we go off the air.

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