Thanks to reader Filip for sending in these results for yesterday's SmackDown live event in Trieste, Italy:

The arena was not full, it was about 65-70% of full capacity. The show lasted about 2 and a half hours and there was a 30 minute break before the last 3 matches. It was my first event so I was pretty excited, I came there two hours early to try to get pictures or something signed, but the Superstars were well protected and unreachable. I talked a little bit with my favorite superstar Sheamus and Randy Orton while they were entering the arena, the others looked really pissed off. I was really mad at a girl who worked at the merchandise shop after she told me that they were all sold out of Sheamus t-shirts! It also sucked because we did not get to se Dolph Ziggler as World Champion or at least Chris Jericho!

Lilian welcomed us to the event but she was interrupted by Fandango.

* Fandango defeated Ted Dibiase
Fandango danced to the ring and cut a promo about his name. He got a lot of boos and some Y2J chants. Match was short but fun, some cool dropkicks and leg drops, it ended after Fandango hit a Russian leg sweep, which was pretty disappointing.

* Justin Gabriel and Alex Riley defeated Epico and Primo
No Rosa Mendes at ringside, very sad. Match was good with some cool kicks and high-flying moves. Gabriel pinned Primo after the 450 splash (it looked amazing).

After the match, Gabriel and Riley celebrated their victory, and out came The Shield. The Shield beat them down and cut a promo about their main event match against The New Age Outlaws and Randy Orton.

* Layla (w/ Hornswoggle) defeated Aksana
The Divas were smoking hot. They even had a pretty good wrestling match. It ended with Layla pinning Aksana after a roll up. Aksana argued with the referee and the crowd after the match because she believed that it was only a two count.

Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett comes out with some heat. He cuts a promo about stupid people in Italy. Santino comes out and throws Barrett out of the ring. Santino was speaking in Italian so I did not understand him, but he challenged Barrett for title match and Barrett accepted.

* Big Show defeated The Usos in 2 on 1 handicap match.
Both Usos were in the ring at the same time and Big Show worked the match as a babyface. Match was slow, but we saw some cool moves. It ended after Show hit a double chokeslam.

* Sheamus defeated Mark Henry
Sheamus got the second biggest pop of the evening, the crowd went crazy when he came out. Henry got a lot of heat. Match was pretty good, Sheamus did White Noise and hit the Brouge Kick for the victory! After the match, he celebrated for about 5 minutes with the crowd.

There was a near-30 minute intermission.

* Wade Barrett defeated Santino Marella to retain the Intercontinental Championship.
Barrett worked the crowd and received, I believe, the most heat of the night. It was a comedy match at first, but later it turned into a pretty good match. The crowd was nuts when Santino hit Barrett with a Cobra, but a title change was interrupted by a rope break. Santino jumped from the top rope for a flying cobra, but ate an elbow to the head and got pinned. The end was really amazing.

* Alberto Del Rio defeated Jack Swagger in NO DQ match.
Zeb Colter and Ricardo Rodrigez were at ringside (crowd voted via Twitter if Zeb should be in ringside). This was the best match of the night. Some cool wrestling moves and counters. They used steps, a chair, kendo stick, and table. Swagger even choked Del Rio with the protecting fence. Del Rio threw Swagger through a table and locked in the Cross Arm Breaker for the submission win.

* Main Event: Randy Orton and The New Age Outlaws defeated The Shield via disqualification.
The Outlaws are out first and The Shield entered through the crowd. They attacked The Outlaws, but Orton came out to even the odds for the biggest pop of the night. The match was nothing special, one Shield guy attacked Randy with a chair to get the babyfaces the DQ win. After the match, Orton hit an RKO on Dean Ambrose to end the show. Orton then celebrated with the crowd. After Orton left, the lights went back on and we left with the Fandango theme playing.

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