ROH TV Recap: SCUM Issues Open Challenge, Titus Vs. Lethal, More

Then reDRagon is shown and they talk about Davey Richards and how the past will catch up to him. They say he will lose to Kyle O'Reilly next week. Then, highlights from last year's Border Wars where Kevin Steen won the ROH title are shown.

Things go to the ring and Nigel McGuinness. He brings out Adam Cole and Jay Briscoe for a contract signing. They sign it and shake hands and then Steve Corino interrupts from the crowd. He says that the title match at Border Wars is a joke. He says Briscoe should be defending against Matt Hardy. Corino then says that instead of the main event at Border Wars, they should do Briscoe and Adam Cole in a tag match against Rhino and Hardy.

Briscoe grabs a mic and says instead of that being the PPV main event, they should do it now. McGuinness agrees. Then, a brief clip of BJ Whitmer cutting a promo for Road Rage on May 18th is shown around a commercial break.

Jay Briscoe and Adam Cole vs. Rhino and Matt Hardy

Cole and Hardy start things off. Rhino feigns an attack at Cole and Hardy attacks off the distraction. They exchange strikes for a few moments and Cole lands a clothesline, followed by a neckbreaker. Hardy scrambles to his corner and tags Rhino in. Cole hits Rhino with an arm drag take down and transitions into an arm bar. Rhino gets out and Cole takes his knees out with a dropkick. Cole then hits a shining wizard and Briscoe comes in.

Briscoe hits Rhino with a series of strikes. He charges Rhino, who moves. Rhino hits a shoulder knockdown. He tries to keep the attack up but Jay hits a series of strikes again and Cole comes in. Cole lands a forearm and Rhino lands a back elbow. Cole fights him off and goes up top. Hardy grabs his leg and Rhino pulls him off. Back from commercial and Hardy and Cole are exchanging strikes.

Cole goes for a crossbody and Hardy catches him. He slams Cole to the mat and then slams him again. He goes for a pin, but Briscoe breaks it up. Hardy hits Cole with a sit out powerbomb in the corner. Rhino comes in and chokes Cole. He goes for a Suplex, but Cole flips out and tags in Briscoe. Briscoe ducks a Rhino clothesline attempt and lands a series of punches. He kicks Rhino and then knocks Hardy off the apron. He then lands a DDT and goes for a pin, but Hardy breaks it up.

Hardy comes in and Briscoe hits him with multiple punches. Rhino lands a belly to belly Suplex and tries for the Gore, but Briscoe puts his boot up. He hits another big boot and Cole tags himself in. He and Briscoe argue for a second. Hardy tries to attack while they're arguing and Cole goes a Superkick. Hardy ducks and Cole hits Briscoe. Cole tosses Hardy to the outside. Rhino tries to Gore him, but Cole moves and Rhino hits Briscoe. Cole rolls Rhino up quickly for the win.

Winners: Jay Briscoe and Adam Cole

Following the match a quick Border Wars video is shown. Whitmer says he will make Titus say I Quit. Edwards says that the hunt is on for Ishimori. Coleman & Alexander say they will teach ACH and Tadarius Thomas about being a tag team. Lethal says that SCUM will die. Richards says he will fulfill his destiny against Marufuji (pre-taped). Mondo says that his opponents will receive no mercy. Mark Briscoe says he'll be the new TV champ because his face was made for TV. Taven, Martini and Scarlett laugh at Briscoe. Jay Briscoe says that he won't lose and Cole should plan on getting his ass whipped.

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