I just finished having a meeting with TDC, the Texas Department of Corrections, and I'm going to be going in there and doing some motivational speaking with inmates getting ready to be released. They've only been in there a short term and they're wondering where they're going to go when they get out. So, I'm getting ready to start doing that.

I'm doing my mentoring for the Medallion/Triple Threat mentoring as well from city to city, mentoring kids as well. So, I just hope God gives me enough time to finish my work. That's when it'll be all over with.

WrestlingINC: When were you approached about being in the WWE Hall of Fame?

Booker T: Two weeks before the ceremony.

WrestlingINC: And what was your reaction?

Booker T: I was pretty shocked. I was pretty over-joyed, but shocked more than anything else. I just didn't see myself going into the Hall of Fame, at least not now. I thought maybe many years down the road, maybe even after I was gone already. [Laughs.]

I just never looked at myself as being a Hall of Famer, never looked at myself as being in the same breath as the Hall of Fame guys. I don't know, I just never say that coming. But, it's a great honor to be looked upon as one of the greats. It's a great honor to be a part of history in the business.

Like I said, I never saw this coming -- never in a million years. I'll take it just like I've taken everything else. Still, even though I'm in the Hall of Fame, I feel my work is far from being done.

WrestlingINC: I've got to say that I thought your speech and Stevie Ray's speech at the ceremony were fantastic. How would you rate that night? You've had so many memorable nights in your career. Where would that night rank?

Booker T: It's probably all-time, number for me. My family was there; my wife, my kids. The fans finally got a chance to see Booker T. Huffman in his raw form.

And that's the thing right there, the fans never got a chance to see me really. I always sort of act on stage. That's the one night I couldn't act, the one night I couldn't have a script to go off of. I just had my bullet points on what I wanted to go off of, who I wanted to thank and that was it. The rest of it was just from my heart and just as true as it could possibly be.

It was a great, great night for me and the fans. And my peers to praise me and thank me for the speech. It was really cool because I didn't know I had that in me myself. I didn't know I had that in me, for me to go out and pull that out of myself. But, I pulled it off.

WrestlingINC: Yeah, and I hope everyone checks it out. I know they're streaming it right now and it's going to be on the BluRay. I thought it was amazing and the highlights they show on TV definitely doesn't do it justice.

Booker T: Yeah, it didn't and I was a little hot about that [Laughs.] But, you know, they've got to make their money out of it. And that'll be good for me because I get some royalties off of that. [Laughs.] So, I'm not opposed to people buying the DVD or checking it out right now on WWE.com.

I'm just fortunate, man, I'm just so fortunate and blessed to be among some of the greatest names the business has every seen. I'm just so honored to be among them.

WrestlingINC: Well, it's been an amazing career and you're still going. I just want to say thanks again for taking the time to speak with me. I know you're really busy, you just recently had a Reality of Wrestling taping, right?

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