Booker T: Yeah, we had one last Saturday night that we taped. We filmed and the next one will be on the 13th -- thank God. But, we're rolling.

Our last show, we made a really good connection with the National Guard, so we're going to be doing some shows from the military guys and their families in the future. All of Reality of Wrestling is really just taking off. Everybody can watch that on YouTube of course at

Check it out, support the cause and se what we're doing. We're doing a lot of stuff. We got a breakdancing show that we're getting ready to film real soon. I want people to support that as well. We're just doing everything, we're doing as much as we possibly can. The work never ends. If you go to, you're going to see everything about my wrestling school. If you're thinking about joining a wrestling school and getting the knowledge and going on this journey of professional wrestling, give me a call. We sign new students on a weekly basis.

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