You can listen to the live webcast at this link. Michael White opened the call. He noted that the first quarter earning results were released this morning. Vince McMahon and WWE CFO George Barrios are also on the call.

Vince McMahon called the results for the first quarter "mixed." Vince said that their key metrics increased in terms of live events and pay-per-view buys. He said that RAW ratings increased 6%, while SmackDown increased 5%. Vince noted that WrestleMania was a huge success, even though it wasn't in the first quarter. He noted the partnership with Yahoo, and said that the success of The Call balanced the weak performance of Dead Man Down. He also touted the company's success with social media.

Vince noted how important it was to build new stars, and discussed the opening of the WWE Performance Center in Orlando.

Vince said progress was being made on the Network, and reiterated that it would be a subscription model.

WWE CFO George Barrios took over the call and went over the presentation, which you can download here. After Barrios' presentation, they went to the Q&A.

Barrios was asked about the company's poor performance in Turkey and Qatar, and he said not to focus on those and that changes are being made. He said international events are always profitable, and that they will be in Abu Dhabi later this year.

Barrios would not give a timeline for the Network, but that it would be a big factor in growth by the end of 2015.

Barrios said that they will likely make over $5 million on The Call on an investment of $1 million.

Barrios would not comment on if the Yahoo! deal was similar commercially to their deal with YouTube, but did say that it would begin in the third quarter.

Barrios said that more money was invested in celebrity guest talent in the quarter than the prior year quarter.

Barrios was asked about the Divas search premiering on E! and Legends House possibly appearing on another network, and how it affects their own Network. Vince said that the Divas show is focused on a small demo and that they are broadening their audience, which helps the Network. Barrios said that Legends House was still planned for the Network.

That was the end of the Q&A, which concluded the conference call.

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