WWE NXT Recap: Triple Threat Tag Elimination Match, Jericho Vs. Wyatt, More

WWE NXT Recap: Triple Threat Tag Elimination Match, Jericho Vs. Wyatt, More

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NXT opens with a video hyping Chris Jericho for his match against Bray Wyatt later on in the show.

Triple Threat Elimination Tag Match
Primo and Epico vs. The Wyatt Family vs. Bo Dallas and Adrian Neville

Rowan and Dallas start things off. Rowan kicks Dallas and hits a forearm to the back. He locks in a side headlock and Dallas backs him into the corner. Dallas hits a series of elbows. Neville tags in for Dallas and hits a double axe handle off the top rope. Dallas comes back in and strikes Rowan from the top as well. He then hits Rowan with a pair of strikes and a kick. Rowan shoves Dallas off and Neville and Harper both tag themselves in. Neville gets a quick roll up attempt. Harper sends Neville to the corner and slaps his chest. He then hits Neville with an uppercut.

Harper hits a body slam and tries twice for a boot stomp, but Neville rolls. Epico tags himself in for Harper and charges Neville, but Neville hits an arm drag takedown. Dallas comes in for Neville and lands an elbow. Dallas and Neville double team Epico and then Dallas goes to work on Epico's arm. Neville comes in briefly with a kick. Then, Dallas is back in. He tries to keep the attack up, but Epico fights back with a shot to the gut. He then tosses Dallas into the corner. He whips Dallas, who hangs onto the ropes. Epico charges Dallas and Dallas backdrops him to the outside.

Back from commercial and Harper body slams Dallas outside the ring. He rolls Dallas in the ring and Rowan comes in for Harper. He drops an elbow on Dallas and then locks in a chin lock. Dallas gets to his feet and Rowan lands a big elbow to the face. He then steps on Dallas' head. Rowan rams Dallas headfirst into the corner and Harper comes in. He hits an uppercut, followed by a body slam. Harper then locks in a headlock. Dallas fights top his feet and Primo tags himself in for Harper.

He kicks Dallas multiple times and knocks Neville off the apron. He hits Dallas with a Suplex. He kicks Dallas in the corner and Epico and Primo exchange several quick tags. Epico hits Dallas with an elbow drop. He drives his knee into Dallas' back. Dallas gets to his feet and flips Epico over him. Epico comes back quickly with a clothesline. Epico locks in a chin lock. Dallas gets to his feet and the two exchange a pair of reversals. Dallas bounds off the ropes and tries to strike Epico as he tries to strike Dallas. They collide and both men are down. They roll to their corners and Primo and Neville come in.

Neville hits several flying strikes and a dropkick. Neville lands his standing shooting star press and goes for the cover, but Epico breaks it up. Dallas spears Epico. Harper slams Dallas to the mat by his head. Neville dropkicks Harper of the apron. Rowan tries to come in, but Neville kicks him off the apron too. Primo gets a quick roll up attempt on Neville from behind. Primo whips Neville into the corner and charges him, but Neville flips over him and does a couple back handsprings into another corner.

Primo charges him again and Neville flips to the apron. He kicks Primo in the head and goes up top. Neville hits the corkscrew shooting star press and Primo and Epico are eliminated. Neville gets up and turns around and Harper blasts him with a huge clothesline to eliminate Neville and Dallas.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

After the match, a video chronicling the rivalry between Paige and Summer Rae is shown.

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