Mickie James Talks Being Mentioned During WWE HOF, Brooke Hogan, Being A Heel, Lita, More

Mentoring people with different backgrounds: "I don't really look at myself as a mentor. I guess because I'm still in it so heavily. That's kind of a high accolade, to be a mentor to somebody. It's weird, because sometimes I'll work the smaller shows and I'll work with these girls and it's probably like their 20th match and I remember being exactly like them and having that fire in their eyes, just so hungry and want to make it and still learning and they're like, 'I used to watch you and I love you so much,' and I'm like, 'my god, I feel so old.' It's awesome and it is an honor, but I feel like there's still so much that I want to do and I have my sights set on it. There's so many things that I still want in this business."

If there's any concern getting in the ring with the young talent: "Of course you worry about it, but I'm pretty clumsy. I won't hurt myself jumping off the cage, I'll hurt myself walking. I could get hurt working with the best person in the world out there, you just never know. I always try to trust myself and my instincts and I'll work with that person a little bit to kind of see where they're at and what level they're at and if I have to take my stuff down a few notches to kind of get it to where it's still going to tell an amazing story but everybody's going to be comfortable and work at the same kind of level. You're only as good as your partner is. You have to sometimes take your stuff down another level to make that magic happen."

Managing her dual music and wrestling schedule: "I like the 250 days a year. I do. I love being on the road. I sit at home too long and I start to go a bit stir crazy. I love being home, I see my family, I ride my horses, I do all that stuff, but more than 4 days at home and my foot starts shaking. I'm like, 'Ok, I need to be doing something, I need to get on the road, I need to be busy, I need to do something.'

"It kind of worked out perfectly because they've [TNA] been very supportive and helping along with the album. They're actually going to release the album as well and Hardcore Country is a bonus track on the album. So Dixie and TNA have been absolutely awesome as far as working with me and the music. Because of the lighter schedule, it has given me that ample time to really take those days I would have off and fully focus on my music, where I didn't necessarily have that before."

On TNA doing likewise with Jeff Hardy: "His album came out and it doing really well, right? It's more of a different style I don't know. Jeff is an amazing individual. His art, he's just so talented on so many levels and I feel like there's not a whole lot of people that have that connection that is just being super loved no matter what. I could never see Jeff Hardy as a bad guy, because I just want to hug him. He's an awesome person and super multi-talented."

The second show of the back-to-back's and leaving Orlando: "I think it is tough. It's tough because they are exhausted. They have seen a full show with one heck of a main event, whether it's a cage match or Sting and Hogan and all this stuff, they've already seen a solid 2 hour show filled with stars and promos and now they're going to have to sit through another 2 hour show, which I'm sure that they love, but your energy through 4 hours of solid show time is exhausting and so it's a little more difficult sometimes to get them in the second show but they come back. Being on the road and having an audience like that is so much better. I love Universal, we had a great time there in Orlando and it was a fun city to go to, but the crowd, even on television, you can see it. The rumble when Velvet and I were in the ring, I was like, 'is somebody running naked? What is happening? Did somebody start the wave? What is going on?' But then I was like, 'oh, this is for us, this is awesome.' We would never get that in Orlando. It's just because they are so comfortable; we were there every week, they're a part of the show and they're great and I love them and I'm sure we'll go back and do a show there and hopefully by that time it'll be fresh again and it'll be special again. It's a lot of the same fans that come out, and we're grateful that they come out with their signs and everything else and it's awesome, but at the same time they get exhausted seeing the same people wrestle week after week as well. So when somebody new comes in they get excited but they don't always react to the things that for the show it needs to happen that way."

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