Mickie James Talks Being Mentioned During WWE HOF, Brooke Hogan, Being A Heel, Lita, More

Her fans: "It's cool and obviously it comes with the territory. But like when I'm having dinner with my family or special moments I'm just like, 'umm, can we wait till I'm done?' You'd be surprised though, I kind of go underneath the radar a lot more often than you'd think, or at least I think I'm underneath the radar. Maybe they're just like, 'oh my god, she looks busted open,' because I'm leaving the gym, I'm in my sweatpants and I'm chomping on my bubble gum totally oblivious to anything that going on. But it's always in the most random places you'll get recognized. Whether it's coming out of the tanning salon or sneaking through Wal-Mart at 3 o'clock looking at all the Wal-Martians and kind of trying to get your last minute to go necessities. It's just random places."

Brooke Hogan: "I think she's done a fabulous job. As far as telling the story and the story with Bully and her dad, pretty awesome, right? I think that a lot of people when she first stepped in were like, just because I know wrestling fans and people behind the scenes, people are cynical, they were like, 'oh, she's here, dad's here, wah, wah,' but she's owned it. She's totally owned it and she's powerful, strong and I know she's working on her album as well right now and she's doing a lot of recording in Nashville so I'm excited to hear what her new stuff is going to sound like. I think she's done a fabulous job coming in with the Knockouts and taking over that stuff and then doing the storyline with Bully and then her dad."

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