TNA Impact Results: Sting Vs. Matt Morgan For Title Shot, Chris Sabin Returns & More, Sound Off

- We go to the ring for Jesse, Robbie E, and Joey Ryan's collective entrance to Robbie's music. Rob Terry is out next.

Handicap Match: Rob Terry vs. Jesse, Robbie E, & Joey Ryan

They play Rock, Paper, Scissors and Joey Ryan is chosen to begin the match as Jesse and Robbie escape to the apron. Rob Terry takes over with slow power offense but they all cheat behind the ref's back to get Terry down to one knee. The heels continue with quick tags and strikes to the big man. Robbie tags Joey Ryan in and they waste time as Jesse seems to have a problem with it and Rob Terry has a chance to recover. Terry hits a double backdrop to Robbie and Jesse. Rob Terry drops Ryan for the pin.

Winner by pin: Rob Terry

- Roode and Aries are on the way out to the ring.

- Austin Aries and Bobby Roode make their entrance on the other side of a break. Roode grabs the mic first and addresses Kazarian and Daniels. He says they got in his head a little bit with all the talk of reforming Fortune. Aries said he never believed a word that Kaz & Daniels spoke. Aries says he and Roode like each other just enough to have a common goal of winning championships; they are not best friends that giggle and laugh at each other's jokes. They are a team of world champions.

Kaz & Daniels interrupt in the ring. They say they are the best team in the business. They go back and forth with zingers and talk about their tag team title contender's match for next week as Chavo & Hernandez come down the ramp. Chavo says talk time is over. He says they just talked to Hogan and the special ref for the #1 contender's match next week is... "Sorry about your damn luck." James Storm comes on the ramp and toasts beers with Chavo & Hernandez.

- Sting approaches Angle in the weight room as he tapes his wrists and asks if he is ready. Angle says he is. Sting tells the camera he needs a minute as he closes the door and enters the weight room. We see him and Angle talk through the glass as we go to a commercial.

- Tara complains to Gail Kim about Taryn Terrell in the back. Gail thinks she should have been Knockout of the Month and says she is the greatest female wrestler of all time. Tara kind of gives her the hairy eyeball and says she will see Gail out there and they will make Taryn pay, in their tag match, and leaves. Gail says out loud to herself that she will make sure she will get the win.

- Chris Sabin talks about his win.

- D-Lo Brown is introduced to the ring followed by Kurt Angle.

"I Quit" Match: Kurt Angle vs. D-Lo Brown

Back from a break at the top of the 2nd hour. The crowd is on fire with USA chants. D-Lo has a mic and says that beating Angle isn't enough; he wants to humiliate him. He wants an "I Quit match." he tosses the mic into Angle's face and the bell rings.

Angle goes to work and puts D-Lo in a submission as D-Lo screams "No!" into the mic. Aces & 8's appear at ringside and the distraction gives D-Lo a slight advantage. D-Lo goes to hit Angle in the face with the timekeeper's hammer and measures him but Angle ducks and D-Lo hits the steel post. D-Lo sends Angle back in as DOC, Anderson, Garett, and Wes look-on from the security rail. D-Lo slowly works Angle over in the ring and the ref stays ready with mic in hand.

D-Lo applies an armbar but Angle screams, "Hell no!" into the mic. Angle breaks the hold into an ankle lock but D-Lo kicks him off. Knux is out there too. D-Lo applies a cobra clutch but Angle won't give. Angle rallies back and tosses D-Lo off and hits 5 consecutive German Suplexes. D-Lo says, "Kiss my a**." Angle hits another one and pulls the straps down and applies the ankle lock; D-Lo kicks him off. D-Lo creates some space with a Samoan Drop but Angle counters out of a powerbomb and applies the ankle lock as D-Lo screams in pain and taps. D-Lo finally gives up and says he quits.

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