Re-Post: Impact Wrestling Results With Video

- Impact starts with a video recapping recent events. Can Sting and Hogan settle their differences and take out Aces & 8's?

- We go to crowd shots from Indiana, PA.

- Hulk Hogan's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Hogan pauses for cheers and says the best thing we can do is to get Sting out here after nearly coming to blows with him last week. Sting's music hits and he makes his entrance.

Hogan says he knows when he is wrong and when he is right; he says he was wrong in judging people and says he is sorry for pushing Sting away. They pause and shake as the fans cheer. Hogan continues that they should have stayed together. Sting says they are together right now and it is water under the bridge. Sting wants permission to put together a team to face Aces & 8's. Hogan gives his blessing but says his sights are on Bully's opponent for the PPV.

Matt Morgan interrupts and comes to the ring. Hogan stops him and says there will be no more mistakes or hand-outs. He says Morgan will face Sting to see who will face Bully. Hogan leaves the ring as Sting and Morgan look at each other, then Sting leaves.

- We go to comments in a video package from Chris Sabin about his injury.

- Back from a break as Kurt Angle is giving a pep talk in the locker room. He says he has issued a challenge to any member of Aces & 8's. He says he cannot be stopped. We do not see who, if anybody, he is talking to.

X-Division Title Contenders' Match: Sonjay Dutt vs. Zema Ion vs. Chris Sabin

Dutt is in the ring as Ion is introduced. Chris Sabin is introduced to a mediocre-at-best response. The bell rings and we get a Sabin chant so maybe they do know who he is. Dutt tosses Ion out early and mixes it up with Sabin. Dutt hits a hurricanrana and an armdrag. Sabin hits an Enzuigiri for 2. Ion gets back in and leaps over both men from the apron for a double sunset flip. Ion hits a double knee to the back of Sabin's neck.

Sabin hits chops to Ion's chest but Ion grabs his hair and takes him down. Ion tries to pin both men in an innovative pin attempt. Ion is back out of action as we see footage from the ref's X-Cam of Dutt's shooting star press on Sabin. Ion hits a DDT on Dutt for 2. Sabin takes Ion's head off with a clothesline and a powerbomb on Dutt; then a Death Valley Driver to Dutt on top of Ion. Sabin goes to work on both men and hits a modified sit-down powerbomb onto Ion for the win.

Winner by pin And X-Division Top Contender: Chris Sabin

- Robbie E and Jesse Godderz talk about how to beat Rob Terry in the back. Jesse shows a picture of Joey Ryan and says they will do it 3 on 1.

- Back from a break as Bully has to yell at his brothers in the back to get their attention. He is mad that Hogan and Sting were out there mocking them. He says he is not worried about Sting or Matt Morgan. He says the real problem is Kurt Angle and no matter how many times they knock him down, he gets back up. He asks who it is going to be to take him out. Garett and Briscoe want it but D-Lo tells them to step aside and that he will get the job done. Bully makes him swear on his colors that he will get the job done.

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