WWE SmackDown Results: Kane Vs. Dean Ambrose, Arm Wrestling Contest, The Shield & More

Winner by pin: Faaandaaangooo

Fandango corrects his name in the ring and poses on the ramp with Summer.

- Kaitlyn is walking in the back with a bouquet of roses. She runs into Natalya and Khali and reads them a new text message on her phone from a blocked number from her secret admirer. She wishes he would just reveal himself. Khali tries to give her advice but we can't understand what he is saying. Kaitlyn pretends to understand and says, "Thank you.'

- Dean Ambrose faces Kane tonight.

- We're back from a commercial to an outside shot of the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan.

- Cole sends to footage from John Cena's World Wish Day activities from Monday.

- Renee Young is joined in the back by Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger. Zeb asks her name and calls her "Rhonda." Zeb says she is part of the "lame-stream media" and tries to make excuses for his loss on Monday. He says he is going to fix things tonight because real Americans play fair.

- We go to the ring for Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo's entrance. Ricardo is in Zumba pants and still super-excited. He even shakes Lilian Garcia's hand.

- We're back from a break as Team Ziggler has joined commentary; only Dolph has a headset on. Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter make their entrance.

Zeb Colter vs. Ricardo Rodriguez

Zeb shoves and slaps Ricardo but Ricardo gets a hold of Zeb's mustache and rides him like a pony and spanks him. Yes that just happened. Zeb takes over with slow strikes. Ricardo comes back after a slight distraction from Del Rio; it was actually Zeb's fault for getting distracted. Swagger leaps into the ring and takes Ricardo's head off as the bell rings.

Del Rio sends Swagger to the floor and Zeb escapes. Teddy Long comes out and makes it a tag match.

Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo vs. Jack Swagger & Zeb

The match is in progress as we return from a commercial. Ricardo leaps over a charging Swagger in the corner and tags Del Rio who takes control of Swagger. Del Rio applies the cross arm breaker as Big E and Dolph rush the ring and beat down Del Rio. Teddy comes back out and makes it a triple threat tag match.

Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo vs. Jack Swagger & Zeb vs. Dolph & Big E

Del Rio mixes it up with Dolph; Big E comes in and takes over on Del Rio. Ziggler tags back in and gets 2 on Del Rio. Ricardo rallies the fans from the apron. Del Rio creates some space between him and Ziggler but Dolph resumes control with a swinging neck breaker and tags Big E back in for more punishment on Del Rio.

Big E hits a monster spear into the corner. Dolph wants in but misses in the corner as Del Rio side-steps. Del Rio hits a Superkick to Ziggler and the Backstabber to Swagger. Del Rio takes Zeb off the apron and takes care of Big E and Dolph too. Del Rio glares over at Zeb as the old guy begs off. Dolph comes in for the save and hits a DDT to Del Rio but Ricardo breaks the cover.

Big E runs over Ricardo but Swagger takes out Big E. Del Rio hits Swagger with an Enzuigiri and Dolph rolls Del Rio up from behind and grabs the tights for 2. Del Rio goes right into the arm breaker as Dolph taps.

Winners by pin: Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez

- We go to sounds of a beating in the back with the camera is on the floor. Dean Ambrose picks up the hand-held camera and The Shield cuts a promo on Kane. They lay the camera back down and we see an out-of-focus Daniel Bryan coughing and wheezing on the ground. The Hounds of Justice kick him as they walk by.

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