Thanks to reader JustinWJ for sending in these result for last night's RAW live event in Youngstown, Ohio:

My wife and I attended the WWE Live event in Youngstown, Ohio last night. It didn't look like this show sold very well, lots of empty sections. We were able to get third row ringside seats a few hours before it started. The show was just over 2 hours long, the only advertised talent that didn't show was Mark Henry.

Matches (In order)

Fandango d. R-Truth
Fandango won with a odd looking Side Russian Leg Sweep, not the Reverse STO he had been using. R-Truth was way over.

Adrian Neville d. Heath Slater
Neville won with the corkscrew shooting star press, lots of good high spots in this match.

Kaitlyn & Emma d. Tamina Snuka & Paige
Vickie Guerrero took over for Justin Roberts, she eventually got involved in the match, tripping Kaitlyn. Match looked good compared to how they come across on TV. Kaitlyn botched the finish but hit Paige with the spear for the win.

Ryback d. Sheamus
Ryback played to the crowd as a face, he was way over, lots of Feed Me More chants and kids wearing his shirt. Ryback had most of the offense and ended up winning by count out, after Sheamus hit the steel steps. Afterwards Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick on Ryback to make the fans happy, and went around the ring signing autographs and posing with kids for pictures.

Kofi Kingston d. Antonio Cesaro & Zack Ryder
Cesaro came out wearing a beret and sunglasses, no yodeling though. Kofi and Zack were very over. The match was pretty solid, lots of false finishes. Cesaro had almost no offense at all. Kofi won after hitting Cesaro with Trouble In Paradise.

Bray Wyatt d. Alex Riley
Bray came out with a mask and apron on instead of his normal attire. He cut a short promo on the crowd to get some heat. Riley got a nice pop which was surprising. The match was decent with both guys hitting some nice moves, Bray won with his Sister Abigail finisher.

Team Hell No & John Cena d. The Shield
Kane and Daniel Bryan got individual entrances which was cool, Bryan got a nice pop with lots of yes chants through out the match. Cena got a massive pop, very little booing at all. The Shield came out together through the crowd, a lot of Shield fans in the crowd, there shirt was everywhere. Cena showed no signs of being hurt at all, he actually worked most of the match. Kane was involved the least, tagging in twice and only for a couple minutes. The Shield were much more animated compared to how they are on TV. Playing to the crowd, harassing the referee etc. Roman Reigns didn't even seem like the same person, very boisterous, talking trash to fans and the guys in the ring. The match ended on a disqualification after Reigns hit Bryan with a chair. Kane and Cena hit their finishes anyway to send The Shield out. After the match they did the gimmick with the tag title belts. Eventually Bryan got on the mic and asked Cena to give him the WWE title, which he did and led to Bryan jumping around the ring with it to yes chants. They all ended up hugging it out and walked around the ring signing autographs and taking pictures.

Overall it was a fun show, worth the money considering they won't be back again in 2013.

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