This episode of Smackdown was brought to us from Detroit, Michigan. Kane attempted to get revenge from The Shield as a result of them taking out The Undertaker on last week's show.

Ryback vs. Daniel Bryan was actually much better than expected. Ryback as a heel can be used to his advantage, as it covers up some wrestling deficiencies that Ryback exhibits. Daniel Bryan was a good wrestler to use in order to accentuate Ryback's power in the ring, and that is exactly what happened. The match was not one-sided, and Ryback gained a hard-fought victory. Well done.

Fandango vs. Zack Ryder was lackluster. Fandango needs to hurry up and start another feud leading to Extreme Rules, or his relevance is going to dissipate. The craze has already withered down a bit, and WWE is not properly capitalizing on his crowd reaction as much.

Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Zeb Colter was as perplexing as it could get. First, a singles match. Then, a tag team match. Then, a triple threat tag team match. Seemingly, more time needed to be stretched out, with is not a good thing whatsoever. A triple threat match originally scheduled would've been just fine. Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez getting the victory was okay, but having Ziggler tap was a bad idea. He needs to look much stronger as a champion.

Randy Orton vs. Damien Sandow was decent, but definitely was not a good as Orton/Rhodes on Raw. That match was a clinic. Big Show coming out a cutting a promo was not spectacular, but it did give Sandow some dignity, as he was able to preform his finisher on Orton post-match.

The Sheamus vs. Mark Henry arm wrestling contest was a good way to keep the interest of this feud. So far, they have done a good job developing the angle between the two, making it more of a "two behemoths colliding" element. Similar to their match a Summerslam 2011, we should be in for a good hard-hitting bout. Sheamus continuing to one-up Henry may be an indicator that he may lose at Extreme Rules, unless Henry gains the advantage in these couple weeks before the PPV.

Dean Ambrose vs. Kane was a good match, with The Shield showing their dominance once again. I sure miss the old Kane. He showed signs of it during the match, but lost to an odd-looking Ambrose finisher and eventually was decimated by the trio. Kane throughout the years has been known as the person that will probably lose the match, which is such a terrible stigma to have for someone his look, size, and athleticism.

The only problem I have with The Shield is that they need to look a bit weaker at times to decrease the predictability factor of them winning. Ambrose losing last week good thing, but it was virtually wiped away with what they did at the end. Now, it is pretty much a lock that they will become tag team champions. Although this is a good thing, they should at least book Team Hell No like they have a small chance of keeping the titles.

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