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"Between meeting Vince and Linda McMahon, to Batista, the Miz, John Cena; I remember back in the day, Maria, Michelle McCool, Micke James, Kelly Kelly, Cryme Tyme. I mean, so many of the Superstars have really, really been very kind. The Hardy Boyz; I'm just thinking of all the names now that are coming to mind. But yeah, thankfully, people really like it, so it's inspiring. "

Who was someone that wanted more space in the book: "Well, thankfully, no one came up to me. One of the things, and I don't know if this is true or not, but one of the things I remember hearing was when the first edition came out, I heard that the Big Show was disappointed that he was not on the cover. As far as the size of people's entries, I think it helps in a lot of ways, it just helps frame the project, but this encyclopedia is within the realm of WWE and the talent's career within the framework of WWE. So, that makes things, I guess it helps things be, a little bit more clear in terms of 'Ok, we have to look at this person's impact for this organization', as opposed to if it was a general encyclopedia of all of wrestling."

His attendance at WrestleMania and the WrestleMania experience: "I did get to go to the Hall of Fame at Madison Square Garden which was just awesome, you know to grow up on Long Island and there were so many great things going on in the 80's when I was a kin, from the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island, Madison Square Garden in the city, the Meadowlands in New Jersey; it's very difficult to even describe the excitement that was around this area at that time. And then you add in the advent of cable television, which was just insane.

"The Hall of Fame was awesome. Mick Foley, a Long Island guy; who I remember seeing him years ago in smaller promotions and independent promotions, so yeah, it was great. And to see Bruno (Sammartino), who I've work with on different projects and some of them non-WWE project; I've known Bruno since 2001 so for me to have the good fortune to be there live and see him go in was great and it was just a great weekend."

What are some of the things he'd like to see back in WWE: "I mean, one of the things, and I talk about this a lot, I really miss managers; I really miss Tag Teams. If you go back in the histories of WWE or any other organization; whenever they have had real booms in their business, there's always a dominant or long-reigning Champion, that's another thing I miss. There's always an incredible Tag Team division and there are always very interesting managerial-like personalities and I was very happy when Paul Heyman came back. I really feel like if it's the right pairing of manager to Superstar, I do believe that in today's environment, that could still be very entertaining as we are seeing with Paul Heyman and CM Punk. I mean, there have been some great mouthpieces, great promo guys that had managers: Ric Flair, 'Superstar' Billy Graham, 'Ravishing' Rick Rude. I mean the list goes on and on. Steve Austin, when he was with Paul Heyman and the Dangerous Alliance in the very early 90's and WCW. I think what Paul has done has been great and CM Punk, to me; every week he's on TV, I think he just does great stuff."

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