Welcome to the WrestlingINC.com WWE Saturday Morning Slam Recap.

- We are welcomed to the show by the voice-over guy. We hear that Mick Foley has made a match between Jey Uso vs. Darren Young. They show a highlight package of the two wrestlers and the narrator ponders if the men's respective tag partners will be a factor.

- We go to the ring as The Prime Time Players make their entrance. Josh Mathews is joined at ringside by Brad Maddox. Josh sends to footage of how this match came about...

- Earlier this Morning: Mick Foley is getting dance tips from The Usos as PTP walk in and ask why he is getting tips from Honey Boo Boo. They get Foley in the middle and do the Millions of Dollars Dance. PTP and The Usos have words and The Usos challenge them. O'Neil says he has a fish-fry to go to so Foley makes it a singles match.

- Back in the arena, The Usos make their entrance.

Jey Uso vs. Darren Young

Young and Titus pull some antics with Titus blowing his whistle and 'picking' Darren's hair in the corner. Uso and Young finally go at it and Jey messes up Darren's hair. Young goes on the apron and pouts as Titus blows his whistle for a 'time-out' to fix his hair. Uso hits armdrags in the ring and Darren goes out to regroup as we go to break.

We're back as Jey is in control in the ring and working Darren's arm on the mat. Josh tries to tell Maddox how to tell The Usos apart and Maddox tell him that they are absolutely identical and it is impossible to tell them apart. Jey does some breakdancing in the corner and goes back to work.

Darren gains control on the mat with a side headlock. The go back and forth with Jey resumes control for 2. Darren fights back and we are treated to the mugs (faces) of Brad and Josh. Darren takes full control in the ring with slow, methodical offense. Darren puts Jey up top but Jey pushes him off and gets pushed off by Titus from the floor. The bell rings.

Winner by disqualification: Jey Uso

The two teams shove and argue in the ring as the ref tries to keep them apart. Mick Foley's music hits and he comes out to a "Foley" chant. Foley says Titus and Jimmy have failed in their roles as bystanders. Foley makes it a tag match.

The Usos vs. The Prime Time Players

Back from a break as we are getting underway. Titus starts off with Jimmy. Darren tags in and Jimmy overtakes him and tags Jey. Jey keeps control with a rest hold on the mat and slow single moves. Jimmy tags in for more punishment. Josh and Brad argue about which Uso is in the ring. Brad wonders which PTP is in the ring.

With a little tweaking, this Brad Maddox character will be something special and memorable. There is that undeniable x-factor there.

Darren ducks a superkick and goes out and calls for a time-out. Young comically trips on the steel steps and he gets chased around the ring. Titus tags in and chants in the ring to boos. Titus drops repeated elbows on Jimmy for a near fall and then we go to a commercial.

- Mick Foley brings us this week's PSA.

- Back to action; Titus is still in control of Jimmy as he tags Darren for some double teaming. Darren keeps the pressure on Jimmy with tags to Titus. Titus contorts Jimmy's neck and cranks on it as we see more shots of Josh and Brad. Titus misses with a 3-point stance charge in to corner as Jimmy moves out of the way. Jimmy makes the hot-tag to his brother and Darren tags in also. Jey goes on a flurry of offense on Darren.

Jey hits a spear and the Samoan Drop on Darren. He follows up with the Running Stinkface but we cut-away. Jey only gets a 2. Jey hits a slam but Titu breaks the count. Things break down but Jey hits a superkick to Darren and tags his brother who comes on off the top with a Splash for the win.

Winners by pin: The Usos

The Usos celebrate in the ring as Josh Mathews signs off.

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