Ring of Honor Wrestling TV dives straight into the action this week.

Karl Anderson vs. Michael Elgin

They tie up and chain wrestle for a few moments. Anderson goes for a bicycle kick, but Elgin dodges. Elgin hits a backdrop Suplex. He then hits his delayed vertical. He goes for a powerslam, but Anderson escapes. Andersons hits a dropkick and then attacks Elgin's leg. Things go outside and they brawl around the ring. Anderson places Elgin's leg on the barrier and kicks it, keeping the upper hand. They head back into the ring. Anderson keeps working on Elgin's leg.

Back from commercial and Anderson has a sleeper locked in. Elgin fights out and tries to come back, but Anderson lands a leg lariat. Elgin lands a few forearms, but Anderson quickly comes back with a series of European uppercuts. Anderson then lands a senton. Elgin ends up in the corner. Anderson charges him and Elgin dodges, causing Anderson to crash into the turnbuckle. Elgin capitalizes with a German Suplex. They exchange forearms and Elgin hits a belly to belly Suplex.

Elgin keeps up the attack with another German Suplex. Anderson heads to the apron. Elgin goes for his deadlift apron Suplex from the corner, but Anderson fights out and lands an enziguri. Anderson goes up top and hits Elgin with a neckbreaker. He tries to hit Elgin with a powerbomb, but Elgin reverses and lands a corkscrew senton. Elgin goes for the Elgin Bomb, but Anderson counters with an emerald flowsion. Elgin gets a small package for a near pin fall. Anderson lands an ace crusher for the win.

Winner: Karl Anderson

After the match they shake hands.

Daviene vs. MsChif

MsChif lands a lariat. She lands a series of stomps in the corner. Veda Scott runs into the ring and attacks MsChif.

No Contest

They brawl in the ring for a few moments and the refs come and break them up. Inside ROH is then shown. BJ Whitmer talks about his upcoming ROH World Title shot. Then, Prince Nana (who has been on commentary) gets a phone call and starts singing "We're in the money!" and leaves commentary.

Kyle O'Reilly (with Bobby Fish) vs. Davey Richards (with Eddie Edwards)

O'Reilly leaves the ring as Richards comes in. Richards goes to the apron and kicks O'Reilly in the chest. They brawl around the ring for a few moments. They head back into the ring and Richards goes to work on O'Reilly's arm. O'Reilly comes back with a knee to the head. He lands a snap Suplex and then locks Richards in an abdominal stretch. Richards fights out and lands several strikes. O'Reilly counters with a leg sweep. Richards comes back with a tombstone. Richards goes up top and leaps off, but O'Reilly catches him in a triangle choke. Richards fights to the ropes.

They exchange strikes and O'Reilly gets sent outside. Richards hits a suicide dive, but messes up his knee. Things go back inside and he kicks O'Reilly multiple times. Richards tries for a Suplex, but can't land it because of his knee. O'Reilly comes back with a fisherman's Suplex. Back from commercial and O'Reilly is working on Richards' knee. Richards counters into an arm bar, but O'Reilly counters into an ankle lock. He hits Richards with a tornado DDT, but Richards counters into another arm bar.

Richards goes up top and O'Reilly tries to stop him. Richards gets the upper hand and lands a powerbomb, followed by a kick to the face. Richards hits a double boot stomp and O'Reilly quickly comes back with a sharpshooter. Richards gets to the ropes and things head to the apron. They exchange kicks back and forth and Richards drops O'Reilly's shoulder into the apron. Richards goes for another suicide dive, but can't due to his knees. O'Reilly counters with a Brainbuster to the floor. He sends Richards back inside and sets him on the top rope. He tries to superplex Richards to the outside, but Richards counter into an arm bar around the top rope. O'Reilly rolls onto the ringside table. Richards double boot stomps O'Reilly through the table.

O'Reilly barely makes it into the ring before the 20 count is up. O'Reilly spits in Richards' face and Richards kicks him in the face. Richards locks in another arm bar and O'Reilly taps.

Winner: Davey Richards

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