Source: Headlocks To Headlines

Mickie James recently sat down with Headlocks to Headlines. Here are some highlights from the interview.

If she got help from Jeff Jarrett for the guitar shot in her recent music video: "I had to call Jeff Jarrett because we were shooting in Nashville. I had never swung a guitar before. I've been hit with a guitar, but I've never swung a guitar. I was like, Jeff, will you come show me how to swing this guitar? How am I supposed to do this? So he came in and he kind of showed me how to swing it you know, the proper way, I guess. Or the right way."

Trish Stratus being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame: "I thought it was incredible. She totally deserves it. If there's anybody that deserves it, she definitely does. It was amazing. I was super excited for her. I remember when I first found out I called her and texted her and was like, congratulations. I'm so happy for you. She truly does deserve it because if you think about it, as far as someone from the Divas side, or from that side of where she [came in]. She didn't come in as a wrestler. She came in as a manager and she was a fitness model and she wasn't [a wrestler]. She molded. She learned on the road. She became Trish Stratus on the road and on TV and in the public eye.

"I became Mickie James obviously on TV, but I worked through the indies and that whole way to get there. Same with Lita. She busted her butt and busted her butt through the indies and kind of clawed her way to the top. For her [Trish] to be able to do that underneath the public perception is really difficult because you're being judged constantly. But I think she really raised, as far as the people who come into this industry not knowing anything, she really raised the bar and took it to another level and was the company girl for a very long time."

How current female wrestlers don't get very much TV time: "When you're in that ring, your job is to make people feel an emotion. That's what you do. Whether it's with your mic work or your in ring work, if you're not making people feel something then obviously there's something you're not doing. You can get over. You can be allowed two minutes of TV time and you can get yourself over in two minutes. It sucks, to only get two minutes, but two minutes is better than no minutes.

"It is hard to tell a story in three minutes, but if you're a professional you can get it done. And it does suck, but here's the deal. You kind of vie for that position and you want that position. Within all companies you can get five minutes and you just have to learn to tell the right story in those five minutes and be grateful that you got that five minutes, because there's a lot of people that would love that five minutes."

Her thoughts on ODB as the Knockouts ref: "I love ODB. Perhaps I'm biased because she's a friend of mine, but I think that she does a great job. She keeps it even and keeps everybody in check. For the most part, nobody's really going to mess with ODB, even though we've worked with her. Because we know, we've worked with her, we know what a bad ass she is."

You can listen to the whole interview here at the 51 minute mark.

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