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- This week's ROH TV is now available to all members. You can check out the promo above.

- On May 18th, ROH will be headed to Richmond, VA. ROH officials have announced two new matches for the event.

For starters, The American Wolves will take on two members of SCUM in tag action. Davey Richards had this to say to "The fact that I feel some responsibility in all of this will never change. I lost the belt to Kevin, I dropped the ball in our rematch, I still feel like I opened the door for S.C.U.M last year. What Corino has done with it since Chicago though, that is something else entirely and me and Eddie, well the way I look at it, we still owe them all for the beating we took that night. So Steve, come May 18th, it is payback and The Wolves don't give a damn if it's Rhett Titus, Rhino, Matt Hardy, or some other sucker you find to buy your crap, we will dominate whichever of your minions you send out. See you might notice a theme here Steve because we certainly do...every night you refuse to name which SCUM members will fight but the truth Steve, the truth is that no one on the Ring of Honor side actually gives a damn who they fight because ALL of you are marked men and all of SCUM will be broken."

Secondly, Mark Briscoe will go one on one with Roderick Strong. Strong had this to say to "Mark, bro, not to steal someone else's line but sorry about your damn luck. I mean you've seen the beatings I've put on Jay every time we fight. I left him laying in his own blood when he came after my title if you remember, and now it's going to be me and you going toe-to-toe. Mark I hate to tell you this but if Jay can't hang with me, what makes you think you've got a chance bro? Mister ROH right hell with your day one founding father crap, ROH is the house I built Mark and when this match is all done, everyone will say 'damn, he was right, it was only Roderick Strong who survived'. See you in Richmond Chicken."

- Ring of Honor has had to cancel their upcoming June 7th live event in Charleston, WV. If you purchased tickets to the event you can receive a refund by returning them to this address:

Ring of Honor Wrestling
ATTN: Charleston Ticket Refund
PO Box 1127
Bristol, PA 19007

If you purchased the tickets through Ticketmaster, then you must return the tickets to wherever you purchased them for a refund.

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