Re-Post: Impact Wrestling Results With Video

- Bad Influence approach James Storm in the back with a six-pack. Storm is the ref in their tag match tonight, and they are trying to butter him up. They propose to form "3-tune" instead of Fortune. They leave a dumbfounded Storm who cracks open a beer.

- Aces & 8's come to the ring lead by Bully who hugs Taz on the way out. Bully throws paper's in Todd Keneley's face. D-Lo is the last to get in the ring. Bully demands the music be shut off to a sea of boos.

Bully says AJ is a lock and warns any other TNA member who might be thinking about joining Sting and Angle. Bully turns his attention to D-Lo and says he has disgraced them. He demands that D-Lo take off his jacket and hand it over. D-Lo shakes is head and says, "No." Bully tells him one more time to take off his colors. D-Lo says his cut is his life.

Anderson and Garett confront D-Lo and surround him with Knux. They say he is the one who said he quit. Bully asks D-Lo what he is going to do to get his colors back. D-Lo says he will beat Magnus tonight. Bully says D-Lo will sit with the timekeeper while DOC kicks Magnus' ass. If DOC wins, D-Lo gets his cut back.

Magnus enters as we go to break.

Magnus vs. DOC

The match is in progress as we return from a break. DOC is in full control with shots to the body of Magnus in the corner. DOC hits a running splash in the corner and goes to a reverse chinlock. D-Lo paces at ringside. Magnus fight back with intensity and takes DOC down with a clothesline. Magnus pushes DOC off the top and flies off with an elbow but DOC stays alive. D-Lo tries to send Magnus to the steps on the floor but Magnus reverses.

Back in the ring, Magnus kicks out after a flapjack faceplant from DOC. D-Lo grabs DOC's foot from the floor by mistake and Magnus rolls him up for the win.

Winner by pin: Magnus

D-Lo and DOC have words in the ring; DOC shoves him and walks through the fans with D-Lo not far behind.

- An irate DOC joins the brothers in the back and D-Lo walks in and says he is sorry. Bully is totally pi**ed off and has them hold D-Lo down. He goes to smash his head with a hammer but Anderson he has a better idea. They want him to get them ice and beer and wash their butts. They let him go and call him a disgrace.

- Hulk Hogan, Sting, and Kurt Angle talk in the back. Hogan wants in and says this is personal. They tell Hogan his doctors told him "no." Hogan says he has a wildcard. Sting says Magnus is ready but AJ is out. Hogan agrees that Magnus is the guy.

- In the shadows, Roode and Aries approach James Storm in the back who is wearing a ref shirt for tonight's tag match. Roode wants to get something off his chest and says he was always jealous of Storm in Beer Money. Storm tells Roode that word in the locker room is that when Aries beat him, it wasn't a fluke. Storm leaves Roode and Aries to bicker.

- James Storm makes his entrance in the arena as we go to break.

- We're back at the top of the second hour. Christy Hemme introduces Kaz and Daniels by mistake as Aries and Roode walk down the ramp. Roode backs Hemme in the corner and gets on the ropes with his crotch in her face and makes her make the correct introduction. She can't help but laugh as she tries to turn her head. Bad Influence is introduced.

Bad Influence vs. Roode & Aries

Aries squares-off with Kazarian and Kaz gets the best of that particular exchange. Aries puts on a clinic and lounges in the corner. More back and forth. We have a double eye rake and both men go to the wrong corners and get clocked in the face by their opponent on the apron. Aries and Kaz tag each other and both get out of the ring to rest. Is this Saturday Morning Slam??

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