Re-Post: Impact Wrestling Results With Video

- In the back, Angle and Sting rush toward the ring and are tired of waiting as Hogan is on his phone trying to get everyone to hold on.

- Kurt Angle is introduced followed by Sting.

Back from a break as Sting and Angle await in the ring. This show is brought to us by 5-Hour Energy. Aces & 8's make their way out through the side. Bully has words for SoCal Val and Christy Hemme at ringside and shakes hands with Taz. The ref sends all parties to their respective corners and rings the bell. Bully throws his chain to Taz at ringside.

Aces & 8's vs. Sting & Kurt Angle & ??

Angle unloads on Devon and gets an early near-fall. Bully tags in and takes control of Angle. Angle snaps an armdrag out of the corner and holds on to an armbar in the center of the ring. Angle tags Sting; Bully retreats to tag Anderson. Sting and Anderson go back and forth. Sting hits an inverted atomic drop and a standing dropkick to Anderson.

Angle tags back in to punish Anderson. Angle sends Anderson hard into the corner; Anderson comes back and tags Devon with an assist clothesline from Bully from the apron. Devon gets 2. Angle fights back with strikes to the face but Devon cuts him off in the corner. Devon sends Angle into Bully's boot on the apron and Anderson gets in some shots too. The crowd chants, "USA" as Angle gets double teamed by Team 3-D. We hear that something is going on in the back and cut to bodies laid out with equipment on top of them. It is Aces & 8's for a change. We cut to commercial.

We're back to action as Bully slowly decimates Angle on the mat. Anderson tags in and resumes the slow dissection. More quick tags as Devon tags in for a swinging neckbreaker and covers Kurt for 2. Angle rallies back but gets caught by a shoulder from Devon for 2. Devon with a scoop slam and a leg drop and mocking Hulk Hogan's poses.

Bully back in now with a neckbreaker on Angle and chops. Angle ducks the 2nd chop and hits the Angle Slam. Angle makes the hot-tag to Sting. Bully tags Devon. Sting turns it up against Devon and hits the Stinger Splash and the Scorpion Death Drop. Anderson breaks the cover; Sting takes care of him and hits another Splash and a bulldog. Bully breaks the cover and they get face-to-face. Sting and Bully trade shots. Sting applies the Scorpion Death Lock on Bully but Anderson breaks it.

Anderson sends Angle into the steps on the floor. Bully and Devon set up a table in the ring as Abyss's music hits and he walks to the ring and double clotheslines Bully and Devon and continues taking their heads off. Abyss chokeslams Anderson through the table and hits the Black Hole Slam on Devon for the win.

Winners by pin: Sting, Kurt Angle, & Abyss

Abyss stands tall in the ring, with his obvious hair extensions, and bodies are scattered as we go off the air.

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