- The Bella Twins teased on their Twitter last week that some big news was coming. They revealed the big news late last week, writing, "So the BIG NEWS #BellaArmy Got the script yesterday for our first Feature Film! Details to come!! @JohnnyRyanJr"

- In other movie news, The Rock's latest movie, Pain & Gain, dropped to #3 at the U.S. box office. The film is expected to rake in $4.5 million this weekend.

- Speaking of The Rock, one of our website readers passed this interesting info about his recent surgery:

"My family has a long history with this type of surgery. They've all had their surgeries done at the Shouldice Hospital in Toronto which pioneered this surgery in 1945. Basically it requires local anesthetic (they don't knock you out) because hernias mostly affect older people and the risks associated with general anesthetic go up as you get older. They cut through the muscle, then insert a piece of stainless steel (the human body does not reject stainless steel) mesh. The muscle is sewn to the mesh and then gradually heals. Now, here is the kicker. It's a great surgery that is easy to recover from and will make sure that the hernia doesn't occur in that spot again. BUT, the surgery weakens the muscles around the affected area and makes it much more likely to reoccur near the original spot due to the stressed muscle that is being pulled and stressed to attach to that piece of mesh. This is relevant to Rock's wrestling future. Despite what Vince wants, Hollywood won't let him wrestle again knowing that his chances of getting hurt are increased. Insurers won't insure a star who is undertaking 'unnecessary risks'.

"Hernia's are a slippery slope. I'd like to see him back, but if he's serious about making movies (and given his success he should be) I think he's done with wrestling."

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