Views From The Turnbuckle: The Phasing Out Of Randy Orton, How He Can Be Saved

Unfortunately for the WWE, in what might be a godsend for Randy Orton, the WWE fan base is beginning to become indifferent to Orton. Over the past month, Randy Orton coming onto Raw in various moments has lost a bounty of viewers, including a whopping 725,000 on last Monday's show. If the WWE considers to push Orton in the way they have been doing so far, they may forever spoil Orton's drawing power.

Now if Randy Orton turned heel, a breath of fresh air would be thrown into the dying corpse of Randy Orton, as well as the WWE as a whole. Orton's persona really has not changed that much since he turned face, he basically does the same stuff he did as a heel, the only difference is that he is now doing that stuff to bad guys instead of faces. If Orton were to reclaim his role as a dangerous heel, a lot of new openings and feuds would pop up for Randy.

The WWE's biggest issue will be to resist cashing in on Orton's popularity like they did previously and turn him face again. They have shown the ability to do so with CM Punk, who's most recent heel run has been very similar to Orton's was from 2007-2010. If Orton were to change his stripes, he would most likely be cheered more than he is currently as a face, but the WWE is going to have to realize that that is ok, as long as he is set up in the right feuds against the right faces. Some people will pay to see Orton win, while others will pay to see him lose. It worked previously and it will work again.

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