WWE RAW Results: Brock Lesnar And Triple H Face Off, Extreme Rules Announcement, More

It's down to 3 on 1 now. Cena brawls with Ambrose but Reigns tags in. They beat Cena down in the corner. Rollins comes in and they keep the pressure on Cena with quick tags. Cena fights them off and goes to work on Rollins, the legal man. Cena hits his usual moves and goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena nails it on Rollins and goes for the Attitude Adjustment but it's blocked. Cena dumps Reigns and Ambrose from the ring. Cena nails the AA on Rollins and covers him for the pin. Rollins is eliminated. Ambrose charges and Cena goes for the AA. Ambrose blocks it. Reigns argues with the referee but nails a spear and breaks up the AA. Reigns has been disqualified and eliminated. Ambrose crawls over to cover Cena but he kicks out at 2. Ambrose smacks Cena around and talks trash. Cena goes for the STF but Rollins and Reigns hit the ring and attack Cena for the DQ.

Winner by DQ: John Cena

- After the bell, The Shield beat Cena up and nail the triple powerbomb. The Shield exits and out comes Ryback while Cena is still down in the ring. Ryback stands over Cena as fans chant Goldberg. Ryback just leaves without doing anything. Ryback stops on the ramp and turns around to come back in the ring. Ryback brings a steel chair in the ring and smashes Cena's bad ankle with it as Cena screams no. Ryback stands over Cena and poses while Cena sells the injury. Ryback leaves the ring and yells, "my life, my rules... Ryback rules", from the stage.

- We get more hype for Lesnar vs. Triple H.

- Back from the break and Ryback is walking backstage. Matt Striker stops him for comment. Ryback says no longer is he playing by the rules because it got him nowhere. Ryback says at Extreme Rules, Cena and everyone will know that Ryback Rules.

- We see footage from last week where Jack Swagger and Big E Langston got into it at ringside.

Big E Langston vs. Jack Swagger

We go to the ring and out comes Big E Langston. AJ Lee is already waiting in the ring. Lawler announces that thanks to voting on the WWE App, Big E will be facing Jack Swagger. Swagger had 65% of the vote while Del Rio had 35%. Out comes Swagger with Zeb Colter.

Back and forth to start. They collide with several shoulders in the middle of the ring. Swagger and Big E meet in the middle of the ring and Big E decks him. Big E misses a splash in the corner and Swagger goes for the Patriot Lock. Big E blocks it and kicks Swagger out of the ring but he comes right back in dropping Big E over the top rope. Swagger slams Big E for a 2 count. We go to commercial with Swagger in control.

Back from the break and Big E is in control of Swagger. Big E with shoulder thrusts and a spear in the corner. Big E misses a shot and hits the ring post. Swagger comes back and hits a Swagger Bomb in the corner. Big E turns it around and runs over Swagger. Big E takes Swagger to the top and nails a big superplex. Big E covers for a 2 count. Fans start chanting for Swagger. Swagger comes back and takes out Langston's knee. Swagger goes for the Patriot Lock and locks it in. Big E makes it to the ropes and breaks the hold. Big E dumps Swagger out to the floor. He follows and throws Swagger into the fan barrier. Swagger turns it around and makes it back in the ring before Big E can.

Winner by Count Out: Jack Swagger

- After the match, Alberto Del Rio attacks but Swagger fights him off. Ricardo Rodriguez attacks Swagger and makes the save. Big E also gets involved. Del Rio comes back, sends Swagger to the floor and stands tall as his music plays. We go to commercial.

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