Welcome to the WrestlingINC.com WWE Main Event Recap.

- Main Event begins with a video hyping Kane vs. Seth Rollins.

- We go to the opening package and crowd shots.

- Kane's pyro goes off and he makes his entrance with the tag title across his shoulder. The Shield makes their way through the stands.

Kane vs. Seth Rollins

Kane and Rollins circle each other as Dean Ambrose and Roman look on from ringside. Kane hits a big boot to the face of Rollins in the ring for the first decided advantage. Kane hits shoulders in the corner and sends Rollins into the opposite corner. Kane hits a side back breaker across his knee and contorts Rollins' neck in a submission attempt (rest hold).

Kane continues with super-slow offense. Rollins escapes a tombstone attempt and escapes to the floor with the rest of his pack. Roman tries run up on Kane from behind on the apron but Kane sends him back to the floor and tosses a charging Rollins over the top, on top of Roman. We go to a commercial.

We're back as Rollins avoids an elbow on the mat and builds momentum, punctuated by an Enzuigiri to the head of Kane. Rollins starts to work Kane over in the corner with cheap shots from Ambrose behind the ref's back. Kane and Rollins go back and forth. Rollins goes to a side headlock but Kane gets out and hits a vicious clothesline and a side slam for 2. Kane goes up top but Roman gets his attention for a second which allows Rollins to dropkick Kane to the floor.

Back from another break as Kane fights up from his knees in the ring. Rollins hits a charging forearm in the corner and DDT's Kane onto the 2nd turnbuckle. Kane kicks out of a cover. Rollins goes up top but Kane catches him in mid-air with a strike. Kane hits a back bodydrop and a scoop slam for 2. Kane flies off the top with clothesline. Rollins avoids a chokeslam and lands a kick from the apron to Kane's shoulder.

Rollins goes up top but is caught into a chokeslam. Rollins counters out and tries to roll Kane up but Kane holds on to the choke and pushes Rollins into Roman on the apron and when Rollins bounces back off the ropes, Kane finally hits his chokeslam. Dean Ambrose makes the save from the cover as the bell rings.

Winner by disqualification (Not announced): Kane

Kane and Ambrose mix it up but Reigns hits Kane with the spear and they all 3 team up and go for the triple powerbomb until The Usos come to the rescue. Kane and The Usos stand tall in the ring.

- Michael Cole and The Miz discuss things. Cole sends to footage from RAW of John Cena and The Shield and Ryback.

- The Triple H/Brock Lesnar footage is shown.

- Sin Cara makes his entrance as we go to break.

- We are told that The Usos will face Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins on SmackDown this Friday.

- Wade Barrett makes his entrance.

Wade Barrett vs. Sin Cara

The lights go to 'mood mode' and here we go. Wade backs Cara into the corner and unloads with strikes and hits a neckbreaker for 2. Barrett smiles as he slowly decimates Cara and kicks him in the face and to the floor. Wade goes out to continue his assault. This lighting is horrible for a channel that isn't in HD. Cara gets both boots up in the corner to create some space.

Cara starts to bulild momentum with kicks and a springboard reverse elbow. Sin Cara hits a crossbody off the top but Barrett kicks out with authority. Cara hits a springboard missile dropkick to Wade's back from the apron and gets another 2. Barrett avoids Cara from up top and catches him in the Winds of Change but Cara kicks out. Wade is mad about not getting the pin and hits a powerbomb to the turnbuckle as Cara just bounces off and hits the canvas. Cara counters out of another powerbomb and rolls Wade up for the upset.

Winner by pin: Sin Cara

- Cody Rhodes is on his way to the ring as wer go to a commercial.

- Rhodes is in the ring as we return to the show. Justin Gabriel comes out.

Cody Rhodes vs. Justin Gabriel

The bell rings with 5 minutes left in the show and they go back and forth trying to establish offense. Gabriel brings Cody in off the apron with a beautiful suplex into the ring. Cody hits a swinging neckbreaker and a faceplant for 2 near falls. Cody goes to a rest hold but Justin fights out and hits a series of kicks to Cody. Gabriel hits a sit-down slam for 2. Gabriel hits a springboard moonsault for another 2.

Gabriel goes up top but Cody rolls out of range. They trade counters in the center of the ring. Gabriel counters Cross Rhodes into a small package for 2. More back and forth, Cody hits Alabama Slam for 2. Cody hits Cross Rhodes for the sudden win.

Winner by pin: Cody Rhodes

Cody and Miz exchange stares at ringside. They face-off on the Extreme Rules Pre-show.

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