Matt Hardy will team with his fiancee, Reby Sky, for OMEGA Wrestling's Positive Impact tonight at the Aberdeen Elementary School in in Aberdeen, North Carolina. The duo will face TNA star Gunner and Jayme Jameson. I spoke with Hardy earlier this week in an interview that will be published next week. During the interview, Hardy discussed bringing back OMEGA, the promotion he founded in the 90's.

"It's kind of being done in conjunction with me and Hurricane Shane Helms," Hardy said. "Actually, he has done the majority of it more than anyone else has. Him and his partner Mike Howe, actually are doing the show, which happens next Saturday evening in East Wake, which is where we had out greatest show of all time, which is really exciting. That's next Saturday, May the 25th, but on May 16th [tonight], we have one in Aberdeen, North Carolina, which is near Southern Pines, which is where the first ever Omega shows really took place. The majority of the promotion is through Ring of Honor's Caprice Coleman. It's a big fundraiser for the community and for the youth of the community and also churches and whatnot. It's a great event. It's going to be a six-night show and it's a strong line up. It's going to be a lot of fun. The main event is myself and Reby Sky vs. Gunner and Jamie Jameson, his wife, so that's going to be a lot of fun. Really looking forward to that."

Hardy also discussed teaming with his brother, Jeff, in OMEGA as High Voltage in the 90s, and WCW ripping off their name.

"Yeah, that's 100% true," Hardy replied when I asked if WCW had taken their name. "Chris Kanyon, who was one of the regulars at the Power Plant, later when he came to the WWE, we were friends. He was really close friends with Hurricane Shane Helms. He was the main reason that he and Shannon [Moore] were hired in WCW. Once he came to WWE he actually had told us that that tape sat there for a long time and they had these two guys, they were looking for a name and they said oh, this guy that does this demo tape here, his name's High Voltage. I think that would be a good name maybe we can use that for your tag team. And it stuck. So I actually changed my name, on the indie scene at that time, from High Voltage to Surge, something along the same personality and character traits. That is a true story. It's absolutely 100% true."

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