- Impact begins with a recap of last week. Who's side is AJ Styles on? What is Magnus' condition? Abyss is back with a vengeance; how will Aces & 8's react?

- Hulk Hogan's music hits and he begins his slow entrance into the ring. Hogan says AJ Styles can go ahead and join Aces & 8's if he wants because he doesn't care. He says Kurt Angle will get his hands on AJ at Slammiversary. Hogan says Sting and Bully Ray will have a contract signing tonight.

Hogan switches gears to Abyss and calls him out so he can shake his hand and thank him man to man. Abyss' music hits and no one shows. The music goes off and begins again... Joseph Park comes out. Park says he couldn't believe that his brother returned last week. Hogan says he isn't playing and he needs Abyss out here.

Aces & 8's music hits and Devon comes to the ring with D-Lo. Devon says Abyss stuck his nose in club business and he wants Abyss out here now so he can take a chunk out of his as*. Park and Devon get face to face and exchange words. Park says he is starting to get pissed off. Park challenges Devon to a match. Devon says he is the TV Champion and Park has to prove himself first. D-Lo offers to face Park and Hogan makes it official.

- James Storm is approached backstage for comments about last week when he got involved as a ref. He says, "Watch. Just watch." We go to commercial.

- We're back as Bobby Roode is introduced by Christy Hemme. She gets his name right. Roode climbs the ropes in the corner to pose, sans Hemme. Chavo Guerrero is introduced.

Bobby Roode vs. Chavo Guerrero

Roode and Chavo lock up and go back and forth with armdrags and drop-toe-holds. Chavo hits a head scissors takedown which sends Roode to the floor. Roode gets the advantage on the floor and sends Chavo into the security rail. Back in the ring, Roode gets 2. Roode his a snapmare and gloats to the fans.

Roode launches Chavo to the apron but Chavo slingshots back in for a Senton on a laid-out Roode and another head scissors. Chavo hits the 3 Amigos and goes up top but Roode hits the ropes and makes Chavo lose his balance and he falls to the floor. James Storm comes out and takes a swig of beer in the ring and as Roode turns around, he spits it in his face and the bell sounds. Storm stands over Roode and he escapes to the floor. The finish isn't officially announced.

- Kurt Angle is on his way to the ring.

- Back from a commercial to a video of the AJ situation.

- Kurt Angle makes his way down the ramp and gets in the ring. Angle grabs a mic and says it's hard to trust anyone in the locker room anymore and even AJ Styles has walked out. Angle says he doesn't want to wait until the PPV to face AJ; he wants a fight right now.

Anderson walks out instead and gets in the ring. He says Angle sounds like a woman and that AJ will be "patched-in" on next week's show. Anderson dares Angle to show up and says he will get destroyed. Angle says he won't wait to fight and he clocks Anderson and unloads on him. AJ hops the rail and gets in the ring. AJ stares ahead as Angle turns around and yells at him. AJ hits an Enzuigiri to Angle and lays him out. AJ leaves up the ramp to Aces & 8's music. We go to a break.

- We go to a Gut Check BFG Series video.

- Jay Bradley makes his entrance followed by Christian York.

Bound for Glory Series Qualifier: Jay Bradley vs. Christian York

York and Bradley feel each other out and Bradley gets the first decided advantage with a big boot to the grill. Jay continues with strikes to York on his knees. Bradley hits a scoop slam and measures York to get up but York has him scouted and hits a head scissors to the turnbuckle. York hits a cannonball in the corner but Jay avoids the Mood Swing neckbreaker.

They go back and forth with finishers and counters. York comes off top but Jay moves and hits the Boom Stick clothesline for the win.

Winner by pin: Jay Bradley

Christy Hemme gets words from Jay on the ramp. Bradley says he is one step closer to being the TNA Champion.

- Gail Kim is on her way to the ring; so is Velvet Sky

- James Storm leaves Hogan's office as we return and he tells the interviewer that Hogan told him there will be repercussions for his actions. Storm is fired-up that other people can do things without repercussions and he can't react and defend himself. He tells the guy to just keep watching.

- Aces & 8's congregate in the back and they make D-Lo say that he will kick Park's as* tonight.

- Gail Kim makes her entrance followed by Velvet as we take a break.

- Brooke Hogan and Mickie James talk in the hallway. Mickie wants a bigger spotlight at Slammiversary. Brooke says she can face Velvet for the title next week. Bully Ray shows up as Mickie leaves and he says it won't be a contract signing with Sting, but rather a contract negotiation. Brooke wants a divorce and Bully says never.

Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim

Velvet takes early control and stomps Gail in the corner. ODB pulls her off. Velvet hits a head scissors takedown but Gail recovers in the corner and takes out Velvet's knee. Gail continues to work the knee for several minutes. Gail applies a Texas Cloverleaf but Velvet reaches the ropes. Gail pulls her to the center and continues to contort the left knee. Velvet reaches the ropes again and ODB has the hold broken.

The crowd is super-dead as the pace is brutal. Gail goes up top but Velvet brings her down the hard way. Both ladies are down. Velvet starts to hit a couple of clotheslines but her knee gives out again. Velvet rolls Gail up out of nowhere to put us out of our misery.

Winner by pin: Velvet Sky

Gail attacks Velvet's knee and puts on the figure-4 around the post. ODB pulls her off.

- Chris Sabin and Kenny King give pre-produced promos about their upcoming match; Petey Williams also.

- A Suicide vignette is shown. He returns next week.

- All 3 men are in the ring as Hemme introduces them. Petey followed by Sabin and King.

X-Division Championship: Kenny King (c) vs. Petey Williams vs. Chris Sabin

King ducks to the floor and lets Sabin and Williams fight it out in the ring. They go to a stalemate. King grabs Petey's feet from the floor and takes his place in the ring after he lays Petey out on the floor. King hits a beautiful Enzuigiri to Sabin and Williams comes in to take advantage and gets 2 on Sabin.

King and Petey mix it up in the ring with Sabin on the floor. King hits a slam and a springboard legdrop on Petey for 2. Sabin comes back in and speeds things up against King. Sabin hits a suplex into a bridge for 2. Williams hits a suicide dive to Sabin on the floor and takes it to King in the ring with 2 near-falls.

All 3 men are in the ring now. King hits an Enzuigiri to Sabin up top and a spin kick to Williams for 2. King catches Williams off top and hits a backbreaker across his knee. Sabin comes back and hits an Enzuigiri to King and hangs him upside down in the corner. Sabin bodyslams Petey into King in the corner. King comes back in the mix and takes out Sabin with a flying knee. King hits the Royal Flush to Williams for the win.

Winner by pin And Still TNA X-Division Champion: Kenny King

- Bad Influence talk about Storm's actions as a ref in their dressing room. Kazarian tells Daniels that Storm is horrified of them and that Daniels' match with Hernandez will go fine.

- Back from a break as D-Lo thanks Anderson in the back for stopping Bully from smashing his head with a hammer last week. Anderson says he did that for the club. Anderson says this all started when D-Lo buried Garett and Wes but says he is pulling for D-Lo

- Christy Hemme introduces Bad Influence followed by Hernandez.

Daniels vs. Hernandez

Hernandez takes control of Daniels with slow power moves. Hernandez goes to the ramp for Air Mexico in the ring. We see about 5 replays of it. Kaz grabs Hernandez' foot from the floor and allows Daniels to take over. Daniels works Hernandez over and sends him to the floor. Kaz puts the boots to Hernandez behind the ref's back.

Daniels hits a shoulderblock back in the ring but Hernandez starts to pick up steam again. Hernandez charges the corner but Kaz pulls Daniels out of the way and Daniels regains the advantage. James Storm comes back out with a beer. Hernandez takes advantage of the distraction and hits a big shoulderblock for the win.

Winner by pin: Hernandez

Storm grabs a mic on the ramp and says Hogan wanted him to make the following announcement. It will be Chavo & Hernandez vs. Aries & Roode vs. Bad Influence vs. Storm and a mystery partner for the tag titles at Slammiversary.

- Back from a break for our main event. D-Lo Brown enters alone. Joseph Park is out next.

Joseph Park vs. D-Lo Brown

Brown takes control with strikes and he slams Park. Park comes back with swinging punches to the face of D-Lo. D-Lo kicks him through the ropes and brings him back in after some punishment on the floor. D-Lo takes out Park's knee and kicks him in the head. Park rolls D-Lo up in the corner for a near fall. D-Lo unloads with punches to the head of Park in the corner and draws blood on his fist.

Park sees his own blood and he snaps. Park hits the Blackhole Slam for the win.

Winner by pin: Joseph Park

- Instant Reaction: These double tapings are obviously taking their toll on the talent. Everyone is moving in slow motion on this show.

- Sting is on his way out for the contract signing. Bully is as well. We go to break.

- We return to a rundown of the Slammiversary card.

- JB is at a podium in the ring as he introduces the TNA World Champion Bully Ray. Bully calls Taz over for a fist-bump. Bully violently shoves JB on his butt and out of the ring. Bully introduces himself and his many titles and distinctions. He says he is also the guy who will defeat Sting at the PPV.

Sting's music hits and he makes his entrance. Bully stops him short of entering the ring and calls out Hogan. Hogan comes on the stage. Sting tells Bully to break his arm and make him bleed and gouge his eyes out in their match because he will do it to Bully; Sting wants a No Holds Barred match at Slammiversary. Bully agrees if Sting will never challenge for the world title again.

Hogan tries to interject by Bully cuts him off. Hogan tells Sting he doesn't have to do this. Sting agrees to the stip and Bully shoves him back into the ropes. Bully and Sting trade shots in the center of the ring and Sting starts to rock Bully as we go off the air.

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