Re-Post: Impact Wrestling Results With Video

- Back from a break for our main event. D-Lo Brown enters alone. Joseph Park is out next.

Joseph Park vs. D-Lo Brown

Brown takes control with strikes and he slams Park. Park comes back with swinging punches to the face of D-Lo. D-Lo kicks him through the ropes and brings him back in after some punishment on the floor. D-Lo takes out Park's knee and kicks him in the head. Park rolls D-Lo up in the corner for a near fall. D-Lo unloads with punches to the head of Park in the corner and draws blood on his fist.

Park sees his own blood and he snaps. Park hits the Blackhole Slam for the win.

Winner by pin: Joseph Park

- Instant Reaction: These double tapings are obviously taking their toll on the talent. Everyone is moving in slow motion on this show.

- Sting is on his way out for the contract signing. Bully is as well. We go to break.

- We return to a rundown of the Slammiversary card.

- JB is at a podium in the ring as he introduces the TNA World Champion Bully Ray. Bully calls Taz over for a fist-bump. Bully violently shoves JB on his butt and out of the ring. Bully introduces himself and his many titles and distinctions. He says he is also the guy who will defeat Sting at the PPV.

Sting's music hits and he makes his entrance. Bully stops him short of entering the ring and calls out Hogan. Hogan comes on the stage. Sting tells Bully to break his arm and make him bleed and gouge his eyes out in their match because he will do it to Bully; Sting wants a No Holds Barred match at Slammiversary. Bully agrees if Sting will never challenge for the world title again.

Hogan tries to interject by Bully cuts him off. Hogan tells Sting he doesn't have to do this. Sting agrees to the stip and Bully shoves him back into the ropes. Bully and Sting trade shots in the center of the ring and Sting starts to rock Bully as we go off the air.

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