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- SmackDown kicks-off with a video about the World Title situation and Ziggler's concussion. Also what will happen when Orton and Big Show are in the same ring on MizTV?

- We go right to Miz in the ring for MizTV. My DVR said it would be The Highlight Reel. Miz hypes Extreme Rules and introduces Randy Orton. Miz brings out The Big Show and talks about Orton and Show's match at the PPV. He sends to footage from last week of Show KO-ing Tensai and getting RKO'd by Orton. Show says the only reason he got the RKO was because it was from behind. Big Show says at Extreme Rules it will not be an RKO, it will be a TKO.

Orton says there is no way Show will beat him in his hometown, in front of his family. Randy says the only thing people will remember is how The Viper struck down the giant. Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger interrupt as Zeb cuts a promo on his way down the ramp. He says people will remember Swagger on Sunday. Alberto Del Rio's music hits to cheers. Del Rio cuts a promo on Zeb on his way down with Ricardo. He tells Zeb to shut up and says he will make Swagger say, "I quit" on Sunday.

Mark Henry's music hits and he gets the "WHAT" treatment as he cuts a promo on about his match with Sheamus. Henry enters the ring and says people will remember that he is the strongest man in the world. Sheamus is out next and you know the drill. He says he will leave Henry's carcass bruised on Sunday. He doesn't want to wait and he charges the ring with a strap and clears the ring of the heels. The faces stand tall in the ring with Sheamus' music playing as we go to commercial.

- We're back to a replay of moments ago. Teddy Long's music hits and he comes on the stage. He says what he just saw got him ready for Extreme Rules. He makes a match: Big Show, Swagger, and Henry vs. Del Rio, Orton, and Sheamus in a 6-Man Tag.

- Michael Cole, Josh Mathews, and JBL discuss things as The Shield's music hits and they enter through the stands. The Usos make their full entrance.

Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins vs. The Usos

Jimmy and Seth mix it up to start us off with some back and forth. Reigns tags himself in and hits a big clothesline to Jimmy Uso. Jimmy gets two big boots up in the corner and hits the Running Stinkface to Roman in the corner. Jey comes in to take care of Rollins to the floor. Reigns hits a spear to Jimmy for the win.

Winners by pin: The Shield

The Hounds of Justice begin to stomp Jimmy Uso in the ring but Kofi Kingston comes out to the rescue and when they overpower him, Kofi grabs a chair from ringside and runs The Shield back over the security wall.

- Back from a break as Teddy Long welcomes The Miz back to SmackDown. Damien Sandow interrupts and proposes: The Damien Sandow Show. Miz shows his "vomit face." Teddy says first Sandow has to prove himself and face Miz. Miz shows his happy face.

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