TNA X Division star Zema Ion revealed on Twitter earlier this week that he was rushed to the hospital for severe stomach pains, which ended up being appendicitis. He tweeted:

"Good morning! Ended up goin to the hospital afterall last night. And long story was one of the smartest things i could have done"

Ion later provided an update on his condition through Facebook. Further tests have also shown that the former X Division Champion has a tumor, which will require more surgery to remove. He wrote on Facebook:

"I'm alive! Seriously thank you all for the get well wishes. Means the world to me. I was rushed to the hospital lasts night for sharp stomach pains i was having. I couldnt stop puking. For like 9 straight hours. I didnt wanna go to the hosptial, but the pain was too much to handle. Thank god i went, as i ended up having appendicitis and had to have my appendix removed today. I consider this a blessing in disguise too, coz the cat scans also revealed that i have a tumor on my colon and will eventually need another surgery to try and remove it. Hoping it is not cancerous. Pray for me! This really sucks lol"

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