WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross published a new blog on Here are some highlights:

- WWE is about as likely to work w/ Impact Wrestling on an event as I am wearing burnt orange to the Oklahoma-Texass Red River Rivalry Game. Ain't gonna happen. WWE has zero to gain by this and I'm surprised that some fans actually think that it "could" happen. TNA Owner Dixie Carter is a bright lady and made a timely sound byte that many fans, I'm sure, were excited to read but let's be's not going to happen.

- The Mid South Wrestling DVD from WWE will be released in September and I'm getting an advance copy likely in early to mid June. Some of the biz' biggest stars will be highlighted when they were jut getting started including the duo of the Bladerunners, Sting and Rock aka the Ultimate Warrior, young Rob Ricksteiner who became the incomparable Dog Face Gremlin Rick Steiner, the Midnight Express vs. Rock n Roll Express rivalry which was as good as it gets in tag team wrestling that I ever witnessed, and even some RARE footage of yours truly going to a Muslim Church with Muhammad Ali and my poolside interviews with "The Champ" at this LA home prior to him coming to Mid South for a Super Dome show and SO much more in the three disc set. The DVD is not a documentary but does contain some extensive interviews from many of the men involved in the promotion that were recorded at WM29 and other locales.

- Thoughts on the controversial, MSG 'Curtain Call' that took place 17 years ago today in New York City....I've mellowed on this one over the years. When it first occurred, I was so 'Old School' that I did not like it but as the years have gone by, like many things in my life, I've stepped back and taken a longer look at such matters. It certainly did not 'kill the business" nor did it affect the business in any significant way other than Hall and Nash left WWE and had great success in WCW and spearheaded the Monday Night Wars which was good for everyone involved in my view.

- For those who are asking, I am still working one a 'One Man Show' concept that is in the formative stages. It won't be a stand up routine as I don't have an act, per se, but will be more autobiographical and, hopefully, motivational & informative. I will also engage the audience in conversation with Q&A time. I'll keep every one posted as I'm going to need to sell some tickets.

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