Steve Corino comes out with Jimmy Jacobs through the crowd. He talks about how he is the new commentator and how SCUM has a title shot after SCUM's win at Border Wars.

Jay Lethal then comes down to the ring. He says that what happened at Border Wars to his leg was a mistake. He says that it was a mistake to let Steen in the match because his loyalty is unknown. He calls out Jimmy Jacobs for a match and Jacobs trips him. He then pulls Lethal out of the ring.

Jay Lethal vs. Jimmy Jacobs

They fight around the ring and Lethal punches Jacobs in the face ten times. Jacobs kicks Lethal's knee out and slams him into the barrier. Lethal whips Jacobs into the barrier. Lethal follows up with chops and then tosses Jacobs in the ring. Jacobs kicks Lethal as he is getting in the ring and then attacks him in the corner with chops. Lethal comes back with chops of his own and then they exchange chops around the ring. Jacobs lands a kick to the gut and goes for a bulldog but Lethal pushes him off. Lethal lands a dropkick to the face.

Lethal elbows Jacobs in the face. Jacobs comes back with a dropkick to Lethal's knee. He wraps Lethal's leg around the bottom rope and kicks it. They exchange punches and Jacobs lands a chop block to the knee. Lethal comes back with a big DDT. He signals for the Lethal Injection, but Jacobs stops him when he hits the ropes and ties his leg up. He attacks Lethal's leg while he is hung up on the ropes. The ref frees Lethal as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Jacobs has a submission locked in on Lethal. Lethal fights out via punches to the head, which he follows up with a chop. Lethal goes for an enziguri and misses. Jacobs lands a DDT. Jacobs goes up top and Lethal puts his foot up, but Jacobs stops and grabs Lethal's foot. Lethal gets a quick roll up attempt, followed by an enziguri. They exchange strikes. Lethal gets a series of clotheslines and a backdrop. Lethal lands a pair of quick roll ups. Lethal then lands the Lethal Combination. He signals for the Lethal Injection again and his leg goes out after springing off the ropes. Jacobs lands two shiranuis for the win.

Winner: Jimmy Jacobs

Nigel McGuinness is then in the ring. He says that at Border Wars, Jay Briscoe defeated Adam Cole. He says that Briscoe proved he wasn't a paper champion and that Cole proved he deserves a rematch, but other people are in line first. He says that Michael Elgin is ready at any time to face for the title, but first he wants to redeem his loss to Karl Anderson and rid ROH of SCUM.

He then says that Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards will be getting title shots at some point. Jay Briscoe then comes out. He shakes hands with Nigel and then says that he has good opponents lined up, which is good because he likes whoopin people's ass. He says there isn't a man in ROH who can beat him and that anyone that's put up against him he will beat. Mark Briscoe then comes out. He says that he's heard enough. He says that ever since Jay won the title, all he can talks about is how he whoops everyone's ass. He says they were brought up humble.

He says that when they pick up dead chickens, scoop dog poop and drink cold beers, all he talks about is whoopin ass and he has had enouh. Mark says that in his first match in ROH he whooped Jay's ass. Jay says that Nigel should make the main event match for Best in the World Jay Briscoe vs. Mark Briscoe. The crowd chants, "do it." Nigel says nobody fights like family and that he will think about it.

SCUM (Cliff Compton and Rhett Titus) vs. Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander

C and C run down to the ring and everyone starts brawling. C and C pull the ropes down and SCUM crash to the outside. Caprice jumps outside and hits Titus and Compton. He then swings around the ring post and kicks Titus. Cedric then dives out of the ring and takes out SCUM. Cedric sends Titus into the ring and Caprice kicks him. Cedric hits him with a drop toehold and Caprice lands a leg drop to the back of the head. The ref sends Cedric from the ring.

Caprice lands a Suplex and Cedric comes in. They double-team him. Compton comes in to break up the pin attempt and Cedric takes him out. Cedric elbows Titus in the corner and lands a back body drop. Caprice comes in and they double back elbow Titus. Cedric comes back in and they try to double team Titus, who fights back. Compton enters the ring and sends Caprice into the turnbuckle. Cedric lands an enziguri on Titus, but Compton attacks him from behind.

Titus chops Cedric as refs check on Caprice and take him from ringside to the back. Compton comes in and lands a dropkick on Cedric. Compton kicks Cedric in the back. Titus and Compton leave the ring and bring Caprice back down to ringside. Compton heads back into the ring and attacks Cedric. Titus comes in and kicks Cedric in the gut. Titus tosses Cedric to the apron. Cedric tries to Suplex Titus out of the ring to the floor, but Compton stops it and Titus suplexes Cedric into the ring. Compton comes in and goes for a clothesline, but Cedric counters into a facebuster.

The refs try to take Caprice to the back again but he shoves them off and gets on the apron. Titus and Caprice come in. Caprice ducks a boot and lands several strikes. He then boots Titus in the corner. Compton tries to break it up, but Caprice takes him out. Titus goes for a dropkick and Caprice moves. He slingshots Titus into Cedric, who elbows him. Cedric lands a springboard elbow drop on Titus. Compton breaks up the pin attempt. Cedric tosses him to the outside and Compton tosses Cedric into the barrier. Compton snaps Caprice's arm across the top rope and Titus lands Rhettribution for the win.

Winner: Rhett Titus and Cliff Compton

Adam Cole vs. Kevin Steen

They adhere to the code of honor and circle each other. They tie up and Steen locks in a side headlock, followed by s shoulder knockdown. They tie up again and Steen backs Cole into the corner. They exchange strikes. Cole locks in a side headlock and Steen chops him to the mat. Cole comes back with a strike, which Steen follows up with a headbutt. Steen lands a kick to the gut and another chop. Steen whips Cole, who hangs on to the ropes.

Steen charges Cole, who moves, and crashes to the outside. Cole jumps out of the ring to take Steen out and Steen very calmly sidesteps out of the way. Steen picks Cole up and sends him into the barrier. Cole fights back with punches and Steen powerbombs him onto the apron. He then takes Cole to another side of the ring and powerbombs him on the apron again. Steen takes Cole to another side of the ring and powerbombs him onto the apron a third time. He sends Cole into the ring.

Steen starts arguing with Corino from inside the ring and goes to the ropes to yell at him. Cole dropkicks Steen in the knee. Cole goes to work on Steen's knee. Back from commercial and Steen is still working on Steen's knee. Steen pushes Cole off him and kicks Cole to the outside. Steen walks to the ropes to get out and Cole lands an enziguri on him from outside the ring. Cole elbows Steen into the corner and he and Steen exchange strikes.

Steen lands a powerbomb, followed by a huge clothesline. Steen tries for the cannonball senton, but his knee prevents him from running. Cole gets up and lands a German Suplex, followed by a shining wizard for a very near pin fall. Cole tries to whip Steen, but he hangs onto the ropes. Steen fights back and goes for the package piledriver, but Cole counters into a sharp shooter. Steen makes it to the ropes and the ref breaks it up. Cole goes for the super kick, but Steen counters into his own Superkick, followed by the F-Cinq for a near pin fall.

Compton runs down and gets up on the apron. Steen hits him off and then locks in a sharpshooter on Cole. Compton gets back up on the apron and Steen heads for him as Jacobs slides into the ring behind him. Jacobs punches Steen with chain in his hand and Cole takes advantage with the Florida Key for the win.

Winner: Adam Cole

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