Matt Hardy Talks Life After Rehab, Signing With WWE In The 90s, Almost Signing With ECW, OMEGA, More

I recently spoke with Matt Hardy. In the first part of the interview below, Hardy discussed his life since rehab, how he feels physically, the return of OMEGA, WCW ripping of his name, signing with WWE during the Attitude Era and more.

Make sure to check back later this week for the second part of the interview, where Hardy talked about returning to ROH, if it would have been better to sign with TNA now than when he did, WWE adding him to their Alumni section and if he knew it would happen, his future with ROH and much more.

OMEGA's "Support the Sport" event takes place this Saturday, May 25th at East Wake High School in Wendell, NC. Hardy will team up with "Hurricane" Shane Helms to battle CW Anderson and Steve Corino. Davey Richards & Kyle O'Reilly are also scheduled to appear, you can get more details about the event at this link. You can also follow Matt on Twitter @MATTHARDYBRAND, and you can purchase Hardy related merchandise at

His life since rehab: "Life's great, man. I've never had such an appreciation for life that I do right now. I think one of the good things for me, I was on a really great show in Louisiana and traveled with Al Snow from the airport - to the show and back - one of the things we talked about is it's really easy if you're very passionate for the business that the business can become you and you'll do anything in your life fulfill your passion and be as good as you can in the business and I think I really got to that point. Especially between being injured and being not happy with how I was being used on off brands and just not happy in general with wrestling. I was so passionate and loved wrestling so much the last couple years I was I almost felt like it was just a job and I disliked it. And I can't believe I got to that point. Now I'm back. I really have a nice, well-balanced life. I still enjoy wrestling and I'm very passionate about it but at the same time it's not my life. It doesn't control me. I have many things outside of wrestling that I'm very interested in and that I love and I feel it's a very healthy balance. This happened to a lot of guys in the past. I think it's just something that going forward a lot of the bigger companies, especially when you're under contract with someone, can try and help the guys to keep them positive, or keep them healthy, or keep them balanced because it is really important to do that. And for me I can just say more than anything else I have a really good balance in life right now."

How he's feeling physically: "I will never be completely healed up, unfortunately. I did a lot of irreparable damage to my body but with that same thing being said, my biggest issue came probably, more than likely doing that leg drop so many thousands of time, or how ever many times I've done it. I have real bad issues in my lower back and hips. I had three non-evasive surgeries to burn out bone tips and all the bone fragments that were kind of lingering around that were a huge reason for a lot of my pain there. Right now I just also delved into DDP Yoga. So I'm working on that to try and break up my scar tissue in my lower back, which it's real bad. My flexibility has been real bad. That kind of affects you all together as an athlete if you have bad flexibility. So I'm just working on improving that again and now that I'm wrestling one day a week, or maybe two days a week at most, it really does, it gives me time to train and be healthy. And I've actually just started, this week as a matter of fact, I took a couple years for myself, obviously after I left wrestling after 12 or 13 years full time, to just really get my life, especially my personal life, back together. Now since I'm so comfortable with that I'm really working to train hard, not just train hard to be in shape, I'm going to try and train hard and train like a 38 year old should and eat like a 38 year old should. You know, whatever I do with Ring of Honor, wherever I may be going forward, I never want to work full time again but I want to be the best I can be and I want to look like a professional wrestler. So I've really kind of dialed back into that again."

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