Welcome to the WrestlingINC.com WWE Main Event Recap.

- Pyro and crowd shots start us off. Michael Cole welcomes us to the show.

- Ricardo introduces Alberto Del Rio as we see footage of his match from Monday with Big E Langston. Big E makes his entrance led by AJ.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Big E Langston

They lock up and Big E powers Del Rio back. Del Rio comes back and unloads with strikes and an Enzuigiri. Big E hits a suplex as he slowly stalks Del Rio. Big E continues to work Del Rio in the corner. Del Rio pulls the ropes down and Big E falls to the floor. Del Rio dives through the ropes and onto Big E. AJ distracts on the floor and Big E knocks Del Rio off the apron as we go to a commercial.

We're back as Big E is in charge in the ring. He catches Del Rio off the 2nd buckle in mid-air, and hits backbreakers across his knee for 2. Del Rio tries to fight back but Big E hits a side suplex and continues his slow assault. AJ Lee crazily looks on from the outside. Del Rio comes back with strikes and kicks out of the corner and hits a DDT off the 2nd turnbuckle.

Ricardo gets the crowd riled up and Del Rio hits the backstabber and waits for Big E to get up. Big E hits a monster clothesline for 2. Big E charges in the corner but Del Rio moves and Langston goes shoulder-first. Del Rio hits an Enzuigiri but only gets 2. AJ angrily twirls her hair as Del Rio calls for the end.

Langston counters the cross armbreaker into a belly-to-belly for 2. Big E pulls his straps down and goes to grab Del Rio but gets caught in the cross armbreaker. Big E picks Del Rio up from a deadlift and slams him for 2. Big E goes for the Big Ending but Del Rio transitions into an Enzuigiri for the 3.

Winner by pin: Alberto Del Rio

- Back from a commercial as Cole sends to footage of Ryback from Monday. Cole says John Cena will be on RAW on Monday.

- The Usos make their entrance. After a break, 3MB enters the arena.

The Usos vs. 3MB (Drew & Jinder)

Jimmy squares off with Jinder and Jinder hits an early armdrag and gloats. Jimmy takes Jinder over and hits a shoulder, to cheers. Jimmy tags Jey for some double-teaming. Jey hits a slam and screams that they are the tag division. Heath Slater chuckles at ringside.

Jinder gets Jey in his corner and tags Drew McIntyre for some punushment. Jey comes back and tags his brother; Jimmy gets 2 on Drew. Drew comes back and tags Jinder for double teaming. Jinder slowly works Jimmy over and keeps him from his corner. More quick tags from the heels. Jimmy hits an Enzuigiri to Jinder and leaps for the hot-tag.

Jey goes on a flurry against Jinder. Drew interferes from the floor and Jey loses his balance up top as we go to commercial.

Back as Drew works Jey over in the ring and gets 2. More quick tags from 3MB. Jinder comes in for stomps to Jey on the canvas. Jinder hits a swinging neck breaker for 2. Jey hits a side suplex to create some space and both men tag out. Jimmy goes on a tear against Drew and takes care of Jinder also. Jimmy hits a Samoan Drop and the Running Stinkface to Drew for 2.

Sirens sound and an ambulance backs up into the arena's entrance. Ryback hops out of the back as his music cheers and the crowd goes wild. Ryback walks with a purpose to the ring as Slater hides behind the security wall. Ryback sees him and Slaters figures, "Oh, what the hell..." and intiates physicality but Ryback throws him down, face first, like a rag doll. Ryback drags Heath Slater up the ramp and then picks him up over his shoulder as Jinder looks-on and puts him into the back of the ambulance and it drives off with sirens blaring.

The Usos hit their signature splash off the top for the win.

Winners by pin: The Usos

- Footage of Curtis Axel is shown from RAW along with the final minutes of his match with Triple H. Cole and Miz discuss Triple H's condition with their best "serious" faces. Cole says Triple H is not cleared to compete until he does a battery of tests and we will know more on Monday. We go off the air.

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