Source: The Layfield Report

Gerry Strauss of The Layfield Report has an interview with Matt Striker. During the interview, Striker discussed how he became a WWE commentator.

"One night, Bruce Pritchard told me that I'd be needed the next day in Atlanta. This was strange because Bruce never really talked to me. I was a new guy and Bruce had been contributing to the business for years. I'd always known who he was and liked his work so it was kind of cool to me. I went to Atlanta and was told that I'd be tried out as a commentator.

"I'd been doing this for years… since I was seven. I had my own imaginary federation that my G.I. Joe and AWA wrestling figures competed within. I did commentary into a tape recorder- my mother still has the tapes. So that's what I did. Turns out it was Joey Styles' idea and Joey had the foresight, courage and belief to bring it up in a meeting once a need opened up on ECW. Now, in all honesty, it was probably agreed upon just to move on to the next, bigger problem that needed attention, but either way - I was in."

You can read the full interview at this link.

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