ROH TV Recap: Taiji Ishimori Vs. Roderick Strong, Women Of Honor, Title Match For BITW Confirmed

Winner: Cherry Bomb

Inside ROH is then shown. They talk about the ROH event in San Antonio and ACH talks about how he is very excited to wrestle Jay Lethal in his hometown. He says ACH is pure motivation.

Then, Nigel McGuiness starts to talk about BITW, but Kevin Steen interrupts him. He asks about his rematch for the ROH Championship. McGuinness says that Steen didn't hold up his end of the deal at Border Wars when SCUM got a title shot. He then questions whether or not Steen is still with SCUM. Steen says he will take on all people in SCUM. McGuinness says that if Steen can defeat them all in singles matches he will get his rematch.

Next, Roderick Strong cuts a promo against Taiji Ishimori. He says that Ishimori is just the competition he was looking for. He says that he and Ishimori aren't strangers in Japan, but now Ishimori is facing Strong in ROH. He thanks McGuinness for the match.

Roderick Strong vs. GHC Jr. Heavyweight Champion Taiji Ishimori

They both adhere to the Code of Honor and Strong goes to work on Ishimori's arm. Ishimori gets out, but Strong quickly regains control. They chain wrestle briefly and Ishimori dropkicks Strong, sending him to the outside. Ishimori goes for a baseball slide, but Strong dodges. Strong goes for a chop, but Ishimori dodges and lands one of his own. They exchange chops and Strong tries to whip Ishimori into the barrier. Ishimori stops him and keeps the attack up. He tries to go up top, but Strong stops him and lands a kick, followed by slamming Ishimori onto the apron.

Back from commercial and Strong is in control. He lands a backbreaker on Ishimori. Strong locks in a Chinlock, but Ishimori fights out. Strong drop toe holds him. He places Ishimori in the ropes and lands a shoulder to the back. He locks Ishimori in a bear hug, but Ishimori fights out. He tries to get some offense in, but Strong hits a pair of backbreakers. He chops Ishimori in the corner and tries to charge him, but Ishimori puts a boot up. Ishimori counters a powerbomb attempt into a DDT.

Ishimori then lands a handspring enziguri that sends Strong to the outside. He then lands a dive and takes Strong out. Things go back in the ring and Ishimori lands a series of knees, followed by a double boot stomp. He goes up top and Strong stops him with a kick. He goes for a superplex, but Ishimori counters and hits Strong with his knees. He tries to keep the attack up, but Strong shuts him down with another backbreaker. He tries for a half nelson backbreaker, but Ishimori reverses.

Ishimori tries for another handspring, but Strong catches him and reverses into a backbreaker, followed by the Strong Hold. Ishimori makes it to the ropes and Strong breaks the submission. Strong tries to attack again, but Ishimori counters into a Death Valley driver for a near pin fall. Ishimori hits a shining wizard for another near pin fall. He goes up top and goes for the 450 splash, but Strong moves. Strong hits Death by Roderick for a near pin fall. He goes for the Gibson Driver, but Ishimori counters with a hurricanrana.

They trade strikes and Strong hits a knee. He tries for the End of Heartache, but Ishimori counters into multiple kicks for a near pin fall. Ishimori goes up top and Strong follows. Ishimori counters by dropping him across the turnbuckle, followed by the 450 splash for the win.

Winner: Taiji Ishimori

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