WWE RAW Results - Bret Hart Appears, Curtis Axel Main Events Again, More

- Still to come, Dean Ambrose vs. Kofi Kingston in another United States Title match. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and Daniel Bryan is pacing around about not being the weakest link. Kane tells him to stop with it. Kane says they have a chance to get the tag titles back tonight. They start arguing and Bret Hart appears to a big pop. Bret gives them a motivational speech and puts over Bryan.

WWE United States Title Match: Kofi Kingston vs. Dean Ambrose

Out comes WWE United States Champion Dean Ambrose and we go to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Kofi Kingston. They trade holds and Kofi gets an early 2 count. More back and forth. Kofi with a deep arm drag and another pin attempt. Kofi fights out of the corner. More back and forth. Ambrose ducks Trouble in Paradise and retreats to the floor. Kofi runs the ropes and goes to dive out but stops himself. Ambrose taunts Kofi from the floor as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Ambrose is in control. He drops Kofi with a right hand and gets a 2 count after more offense. Kofi turns it around and catapults Ambrose into the corner for a 2 count. Kofi with more offense and a big dropkick. Kofi with a big crossbody for a 2 count. Kofi with another leaping right hand. Kofi with a roll up but Ambrose counters for 2. More back and forth. Ambrose gets the win after his finisher.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

- After the match, The Shield celebrates in the ring over Kofi. Kane and Daniel Bryan come out for a fight. They hit the ring and fight all three members of The Shield. Kane and Bryan clear the ring as we go to commercial.

WWE Tag Team Title Match: Kane and Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins

Back from the break and the tag title match is in progress. Kane with an early 2 count on Reigns. Bryan comes in for some double teaming and a 2 count. Kane comes back in to go at it with Rollins. Kane catches him for a chokeslam but Rollins slides out. Rollins with a big kick to the head and a tag to Reigns. Reigns comes in and unloads on Kane. Reigns with a 1 count. Reigns distracts the referee while Rollins kicks Kane in the head. Another pin attempt by Reigns. Rollins comes back in and keeps Kane in the corner.

More tags by The Shield as they keep Kane grounded. Reigns hits a big bodyslam on Kane for another 2 count. Rollins comes back in to keep control of Kane. Bryan comes in and takes Reigns off the apron. A big suplex to Rollins. Bryan with the dropkick in the corner on Rollins. 2 count. Bryan with kicks to the chest of Rollins now. Bryan with more offense and a 2 count. Bryan goes up top but Rollins cuts him off. Rollins climbs up for a superplex but Bryan turns it around up high. Bryan drops Rollins upside down in the corner and kicks him. Bryan with a big dropkick while Rollins is hanging upside down. Bryan takes Rollins back to the top and hits a big back superplex. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Bryan is back in control of Reigns. Bryan beats him down with kicks in the corner. Rollins comes back in and takes control. Rollins drops Bryan for a 2 count. Rollins with a surfboard submission on Bryan now. Bryan slides out and kicks away on Rollins. Rollins takes Bryan down and drops an elbow before tagging in Reigns. Reigns keeps Bryan grounded and slams his face in the mat. Reigns with a huge clothesline and a 2 count. Rollins comes back in and beats Bryan down in the corner. Rollins turns it around and drops Bryan's face into the turnbuckles. Rollins with a 2 count. Kane comes back in and takes care of Rollins. Kane with a big sideslam for a 2 count. Bryan comes back in and unloads on Rollins. Kane drops Rollins with a big boot. Bryan with kicks to Reigns on the floor. Kane comes off the top with a big right hand on Rollins. Kane and Bryan argue on the apron. Bryan leaps off the apron but Reigns catches him and sends him into the floor. Rollins takes out Kane, who is distracted, and covers for the win.

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