Mick Foley On If Triple H Buried Curtis Axel, TNA, Nixed Dean Ambrose Feud, Ziggler's Future

How he felt he did with his speech: "I dissect my speech like this. I knew it as I was giving the speech, the moment I dropped that elbow on Jericho, and I heard that pop, I should have said time to go home, because this as high as it was going to get. But I had a couple of things I wanted to say. I wish I had written out a conclusion and talk about how I wanted to be remembered, and as a guy who gave back. I was going to use Randy Orton as an example. I was the right guy at the right time and hope that other superstars could be that guy in that place for someone else down the line. I rambled on for ten minutes too long."

On TNA: "I really enjoyed the people there. But once you had five non-wrestling talkers in the company…my role now is what it should be. The guy who occasionally comes back. I love doing the Saturday Morning Slam. If a different GM opportunity comes up, I would appreciate being considered. But I don't need to be a big part of any show ever again. I probably outstayed my welcome by a little while.

"One nice little story about Dixie Carter. I never should have said that tweet about the empty arena match with the Rock, a.k.a. a TNA house show. That was the one that rubbed people the wrong way, because it was a slap in the face to everyone who works there, even though it was kind of funny. I was doing a show in Nashville, so I reached out to Dixie. I texted her, 'hey I've got this show in Nashville, it would be really nice to see you and Serge and maybe you could come along.' I get back in my car about an hour later and I see a text from Dixie and it says, 'that's ok.' I thought to myself, 'well, that bridge has burned. That relationship is unsolvable.' It wasn't until an hour after, that I saw the 'that's ok' was just on the tail end of a much longer message that said, ' I really appreciate you thinking of us. We would love to go, but I may have to be somewhere. Can I get back to you if,' and then the last line, 'that's ok.' She did come to the show and honestly she was the first person to message me after they put me in the Hall of Fame. I wish I could have done more for them. I really do."

Did he know Dean Ambrose would be a major star: "I knew they were really high on him. Dean was probably happier with the break with the Shield and I was the second happiest to see him get that break. I cannot physically wrestle anymore. That break that I thought I was going to be a part of, was just not going to happen. Dean would be at every TV taping, so I would see him and say, 'hey how are things going? Anything on the horizon?' and he would be like, 'no man, not yet.

"I felt personally responsible. So when he said 'yeah they had something', I asked, 'is it pretty good?' He said, 'Yeah it's pretty good'. Ironically his career would have really suffered had he done the run with me. It would have been a nice boost, but then he would have been on his own from that point. Getting over long term is really, really difficult. These guys not only did they come up slowly, by the time they had their first match at TLC they blew everybody away at the Barclay's Center. All three guys have the potential to be major stars. I couldn't be happier for Ambrose. He is kind of a weird dude, but it works to his advantage. I've described his style as disturbingly poetic. The way that he moves, he is so fluid. William Regal was the guy that was so high on him. He said 'he is everyone's perfect opponent for the next ten years.'"

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