Mick Foley On If Triple H Buried Curtis Axel, TNA, Nixed Dean Ambrose Feud, Ziggler's Future

On being there the night Dolph Ziggler cashed his Money in the Bank briefcase: "When I heard the audience eruption, I asked, 'what just happened?' They said, 'Ziggler is cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase.' I ran because I really wanted to be a part of that experience in the arena. We all know it's a pretty good percentage rate when it comes to cashing in.

"I'm not saying this to put myself over, but I had a talk with Dolph earlier and I said, 'man I got to be honest Dolph I thought I was going to see you cash in last night.' Dolph then said to me, 'yeah you and me both brother.' I said, 'take it from someone who knows, when you get that chance and you will, and when you become world champion, and you will, don't let the place or the time or the circumstances dictate to you how special that moment is going to feel. Take it from a guy who won his first WWE title on a taped show in Worcester, Massachusetts. It's going to be every bit as special as it would have been at Mania.'

"So when I heard he was cashing in, I ran to be part of the arena. I could see my arms pumping, and then I looked down at my legs and they weren't running. I wandered out into the crowd and saw Ziggler win the world title. When he came back he said, 'that was my Wrestlemania moment.' It was really cool to be there. Clearly this guy is going to be the cornerstone of the company. I feel really good about the direction this company is headed."

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