Mick Foley On If Triple H Buried Curtis Axel, TNA, Nixed Dean Ambrose Feud, Ziggler's Future

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley joined Busted Open with Dave Lagreca and Doug Mortman and discussed Curtis Axel, his Hall of Fame speech, Dolph Ziggler cashing in, his nixed angle with Dean Ambrose (which you can watch in the video above) and much more. You can hear Busted Open on Sirius 92, XM 208 and on the app on Sports Zone. Here are some highlights:

On if Triple H squashed Curti Axel's debut: "This is not a knock on Triple H, but Triple H talked about retiring me after I already came back three times. At that point it was a big deal in 2000 for Triple H to talk about retiring me. If Triple H has had his last match, which is a good possibility, then I see Paul Heyman bragging for the next three years that Curtis Axel retired Triple H. Which is much bigger than beating him and much more meaningful or whether or not he was slapped or made to look weak momentarily.

"For people who ask me if I think this guy has a chance. Not only is he talented and waited his turn and lived through the Michael McGillicutty indignity. I asked him about that and obviously he didn't want to say anything bad about the company, but he said ,'It hurt a little, it stung when you get your name and it's Michael McGillicutty. Short term you can say, 'well why didn't he beat Triple H?' But like I said, me being on the outside looking in, depending how this thing plays out, never underestimate the verbal skills of Paul Heyman or the skills of Michael McGillicutty. As a fan it has me hooked. Even if you're not saying Curtis Axel right now, I believe that Paul is the master. I call him the master gardener. He knows how much water and sunshine to give his project and then they have to grow on their own."

On his Hall of Fame speech: "I think they intentionally had a smaller class this year and the only guideline Vince McMahon gave us was to have fun and enjoy it. That was the only critique of me when I came back to the WWE because I had left with the words 'You'll never speak to me this way again.' Then I came back with the words 'can I come back now?' So I was a little tentative. Vince even said to me, 'Mick, you look like you're not enjoying yourself' and I wasn't.

"I did throw a minor little fit over the rumor that Donald Trump's speech was going to air and not mine on television. I specifically remembered that I had told Stephanie McMahon a week or two earlier. I said, 'Stephanie, the moment you guys mentioned my book on the air Countdown to Lockdown, I said at that moment I promised myself that if I was ever asked to be in the Hall of Fame that I would say yes unconditionally. I wouldn't ask to be on at a certain point, it would be unconditionally. Then all of a sudden I hear about Donald Trump and I'm placing conditions on it. I said that's not the way I feel. This is going to be a great night. I really apologized in front of the entire McMahon family. Because I did feel it wasn't my place to say that and most importantly, now I was lying to what I had said to Stephanie. This came from the heart. It was supposed to be unconditional. Now I'm actually thinking about going out there and throwing my ring in the audience. These were the thoughts going through my head. By the time I got to the Garden, I'm just going to enjoy this. I went out on stage and realized I would probably never have the opportunity to address 17,000 people in THAT arena. The most important one in the country to me. I consider it maybe the best highlight of my career because I was able to recognize it."

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